Coats Children Interlinings

Coats – Permess

Coats and Permess have partnered to provide a comprehensive co-branded variety of interlinings to the garment industry. Coats’ sales, distribution and technical service capabilities across the world are a perfect match to the Permess’ manufacturing spread, expertise and technology. Together we offer added value to the garment industry through:

  • Consistent quality across the globe
  • Quick technical support and sampling
  • Fast and reliable lead-times based on local stocks at Coats’ locations
  • Innovative products

Product Range Over-The-Back (OTB)

Designed for maximum wearing comfort, this range of very soft adhesive interlinings fuse onto the backside of an embroidery to protect the skin from coarse threads.

Durable and Öko-Tex Standard 100, class I certified, they are ideal for most embroidery applications in newborn garments, childrenswear, and sportswear.

P019048 is recommended for lightweight fabrics around 180gsm, whilst P021450 can be used as an alternative for heavier fabrics.

S021450 is a part of our Coats Permess Ecoverde range made of premium quality 100% recycled polyester interlinings, that is certified according to Global Recycled Standard (GRS). Our sustainable recycled polyester interlining fulfil high quality standards and deliver the same performance as virgin polyester interlining.

Stretch + Details

Product Range Water-Soluble

Water-soluble nonwovens and film are used as a temporary stabilisers when stitching an embroidery design. Our selection of water-soluble stabilisers dissolves in 20°C water within 10-30 seconds, leaving embroidery soft and comfortable against the skin. Perfectly formulated to stabilise fabrics, while keeping uniformity and shape of the embroidery.

Nonwovens are optimal for delicate fabrics where tear-away stabilisers could lead to a damage. They can be used to make mesh-like fabrics, embroidery embellishment or freestanding laces.

Water-soluble film can be used on top of very flexible and bulky fabrics, such as terry cloth or knitwear, to prevent the sinking of stitches and embroidery details into the pile.

Product Range Tear-Away

Tear-away nonwovens are also used as a temporary stabilisers when stitching an embroidery design. It can be completely removed by gently tearing the backing away from the embroidery after the embroidery process. After removing the backing, it creates a smoother, more comfortable feel to the skin.

Tear-away is especially useful for fabrics that need some stabilisation during embroidery process, but do not need support after the embroidery is finished. Tear-away nonwovens can be used for various fabrics. In case of lightweight thin fabrics, two layers are recommended.

Our tear-away nonwovens tear in all directions. Polyester viscose blend provides softness, durability and resiliency to the embroidery design.