About me

Virginia F. Bodmer-Altura is a virtual textile addict, since she has grown up surrounded by the aura of the textile industry in which her father was an expert, while her mother adored textiles and fashion.ttt

After her economic training in the USA she returned to Switzerland and devoted herself to journalism, reporting on economics in daily and weekly publications as well as in specialised technical papers and magazines with the main focus on the world-wide textile, clothing and textile machinery business. She gained personal fame on the par t of the clientele for her concise researched articles and comments on global economic and textile events, always being ready to incorporate new and future aspects, trends and tendencies along the textile value chain. She has also been – and continues to be – looking at other industries, trying to evaluate significant trends which would sooner or later influence the textile and textile machinery world. The wealth and range of knowledge, which she has gained – also by management courses even in China – has been and is directed at Europe, Asia and North America in terms of geographical emphasis, regularly including on-the-spot examination of course, has enabled her to establish a broad, important information network in these areas in order to fulfil her pledge to provide exclusive features of practical value to her readers. For the last ten years she has been editoress-in-chief of ITS Business and Technology Newsletters”.