New Chair for advanced digital modelling of infusion-based processing for composite structures

New Chair for advanced digital modelling of infusion-based processing for composite structures

HEXCEL and Mines St Etienne School of Engineering (F) have launched a new industrial academic chair. The chair will carry out research into the digital modelling and simulation of resin vacuum infusion process in primary structures for the aerospace industry, and more specifically modelling on multi-scale (from microns to meters) and the multi-physical (solid, fluid and porous media mechanics, physical chemistry of polymers, thermal physics)

Hexcel_5648Hexcel decided to involve Mines St Etienne in its research program in order to enhance theoretical knowledge of the vacuum infusion process and help users to understand the process, so as to make appropriate evaluations for the manufacture of their structural components.

The chair is sponsored by Hexcel customers, Paulin Fideu, R&D Technologies Manager at Airbus and Patrick Henrat, Director of Technologies at Safran Composites.

The project is a perfect opportunity for Mines St Etienne to further its mission of developing high-level academic research, with the goal of delivering applications for industry. Professor Sylvain Drapier will head the chair and will supervise five theses prepared by experts in aerospace engineering, mechanics, digital methods and applied mathematics.

In the presence of: Luc Rousseau, Vice-Chairman of the Department for Economy, Industry, Energy and Technologies at the French Ministry of Economy; Philippe Jamet, CEO of Institut Mines Telecom; Yvon Raak, Chairman of the Board at MINES Saint-Etienne; Pascal Ray, Director of MINES Saint-Etienne; Dominique Badel, President of the I3M.SE foundation, honorary president of ESSO SAF; Thierry Merlot, Hexcel Vice President and General Manager Europe/Asia-Pacific; Paul Mackenzie, Hexcel Vice President R & T.

Hexcel Corporation, HEXCEL has recently announced major investments in France, totaling USD 262 million – is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of advanced composites. The company develops, manufactures and markets lightweight, high performance composites including carbon fibrew, reinforcements, prepregs, honeycomb, matrix systems, adhesives and composite structures for use in Commercial Aerospace, Space and Defence, Wind Energy and Industrial Applications.

The Mines St Etienne School of Engineering has existed for 200 years and is resolutely geared towards innovation and the international sector. With five training and research centres, MINES Saint-Etienne has fully capitalized on its traditional areas of expertise (materials, mechanics, process engineering) whilst adapting its skills and know-how to current and future industry needs.

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