SwissCotton® Rainbow revolutionises dyeing processes

As we have reported before, for the first time ever “The Golden Velvet” film award for innovation by young film makers has been bestowed in Switzerland by the Swiss Textile Federation


The topic of SwissCotton® Rainbow of Hermann Bühler Yarn is the winner and the film title is “Story with red thread” and was narrowed by Bernie Forster. The film was officially presented on November 15, 2012 in Zurich (CH).  It can be viewed also on the indicated website below.

Swiss Cotton® Rainbow is based on a pre-treated cotton yarn, which dyes much deeper during the dyeing process than untreated cotton. If the Rainbow yarn is processed jointly with untreated yarn, the woven or knitted patterns can be made visible in any desired colour after piece or garment dyeing. By blending Rainbow treated fibres with regular, untreated cotton, a mélange (heather) yarn in Rainbow technology can be produced. The mélange yarns can be package, piece or garment dyed. Thanks to Rainbow, the dyeing process can be initiated later in the production process, and by simplifying the production of colour variants. This reduces not only delivery times, but allows also small quantities and avoids dyed yarn waste. Rainbow cotton offers also considerable ecological advantages and meets the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 plus.…  


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