Young German engineers bestowed for lightweight construction

The Walter Reiners Foundation of the German Textile Machinery Industry has honoured three successful junior engineers of 2012 in the framework of VDMA Tetile Machinery Forum at Trützschler Group Headquarters in Mönchengladbach (D)

IMG_9776The winners are in the category dissertation Dr. Roman Rinberg of Chemnitz University of Technology was bestowed with EUR 5000 for his thesis on the development of a technology for the production of components reinforced by natural fibres (flax) and the use of indoor trims of cars. The prize in the diploma category and thus EUR 3000 and the subject simulation, dimensioning and structural testing of composite isogrid structures went to Dörte Marlow of the Technical University of Dresden. The results are of important for the application of these components in aviation.  Johannes Thumm of University Stuttgart /ITV Denkendorf was bestowed with the creativity prize of EUR 2000 for its project braided bike frames made of carbon. Normally tubes for such bike frames are braided individually and fitted together by sleeves. In his studies he proposed braided branches enabling complete frames with continuous fibres.

The awards were presented by Karlheinz Liebrandt, member of the board of Walter Reiners Foundation and co-owner of Liba Maschinenfabrik Gmbh, Naila (D). In his keynote speech he talked of the challenges the industry is affronting in view to the lack of engineers. The dropout rate of 50 % in engineering courses is alarming and he stated: “Such high dropout rates are fatal for the national economy. In times of demographic changes we cannot afford such losses”. The initiative by VDMA, the umbrella organisation of German machinery manufacturers, to increase the quality of university studies in Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering offers the right solutions to reduce these dropout rates and are tending to make use of the full potential of junior engineers.

The Walter Reiners Foundation prizes are bestowed annually and students gain an insight into practice with excursions to member companies and the leading textile exhibition ITMA, both are financially supported by the foundation. Particularly high-performance students are supported also by scholarships.

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