Success 2011 for Italian Textile Machinery

Success 2011 for Italian Textile Machinery

ACIMIT, the umbrella organisation of Italian textile machinery manufacturers reports 2011 higher production, higher exports and increasing domestic sales for its members than in 2010

The total production value of Italian textile machinery amounted 2011 to EUR 2646 (2443) million or plus nine percent and exports increased by 11 % to EUR 2114 (EUR 1912) million. Domestic deliveries amounted to EUR 532 (519) million. But also imported textile machinery increased by 2% or from EUR 546 to EUR 560 million and thus the size of the domestic textile machinery market was growing from EUR 1065 to EUR 1092 million.

Italian textile machinery went foremost to China (25 %) and other Asian destinations (50 %).

Since last summer ACIMIT members witnessed a slowdown of demand and some businesses acquired at ITMA in Barcelona in September are not yet finalised and therefore the Italian textile machinery manufacturers are cautious but slightly optimistic regarding the total outcome of 2012 however taking a great amount of unpredictable economic and political uncertainty into consideration.

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