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Now, more than ever, the world needs to come together and work harmoniously. We need to collaborate to overcome the impacts of the pandemic. Humanity must also work together to put the world on an environmentally sustainable footing. International organizations, such as WIPO, will play an important part in helping to foster understanding amongst member states by providing a forum for discussion and encouraging shared approaches through membership of various international treaties.

In this context it was extremely pleasing to see so many Member States in the region join the recent webinar series the WIPO Singapore Office organized on four WIPO administered treaties. The webinars were designed to allow Member States to gain an understanding of each treaty and how accession may benefit the IP office and users of the IP system.

The webinar series attracted participants from 143 Member States.  It included presentations from existing contracting parties of the treaties such as Australia, Cambodia, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore and Viet Nam, who shared their experiences concerning how their accession changed the IP landscape in their country and their journey to accession.

This newsletter contains a feature article on these webinars:

Despite the global health crisis, indicators showed record-breaking levels of online engagement around the world for World IP Day 2021. Across the ASEAN region, IP offices organized events, webinars and initiatives to help contribute to the occasion. Thanks to everyone for supporting this year’s campaign and for making it a success. Check out the World IP Day web page to see the World IP Day documentary, fireside chats, the IPR GO interactive tool, case studies, practical tips and the Special Focus Issue of the WIPO Magazine.   

WIPO Academy Continues to Go From Strength to Strength

In 2020, the WIPO Academy experienced growth in demand for its IP skills-building training, education courses and services. Last year saw an increase of 24 percent in the total number of participants across all of the Academy’s courses compared with 2019. In encouraging news for the region, 42% of participants came from the Asia-Pacific region.

More information is available in the Academy’s Annual Report.  

Hague Filings Resilient Despite  COVID-19

New data released by WIPO shows that, against the backdrop of the pandemic, the total number of international design applications filed through the Hague System dipped (only) by 1.8% in 2020. Asia remained the largest user of the Hague System.  

Assistive Technology: The Importance of Designs

The WIPO Technology Trends is a series of reports aimed at tracking technology trends by assessing patent and other data to provide solid evidence in specific fields for business leaders, researchers and policy makers worldwide. It reveals the importance of designs in the field of assistive technology (examples include mobility aids such as wheel chairs, walkers and scooters, hearing aids, and tools to help people with disabilities). 

Boosting Tourism Development through IP

Many ASEAN countries rely on tourism as a key component of their economy. Boosting Tourism Development through Intellectual Property, a WIPO/UNWTO co-publication, provides an easy to understand guide on how to boost tourism development with IP. It covers a range of considerations from destination branding to tourism policies. Through case studies, it illustrates how tourism stakeholders can use IP rights to add value to tourism services and products. A short video summarizes the value of IP to the tourism industry.

WSO Webinar Series Enhances Treaty Accession Efforts in the Asia-Pacific 

The WIPO Singapore Office collaborated with various experts in WIPO headquarters to deliver a series of webinars that increased understanding and assisted in accession progress in relation to four WIPO treaties. The treaties covered in the series were:

The Singapore Treaty on the Law of Trademarks (STLT),

The Patent Law Treaty (PLT),

The Budapest Treaty on the International Recognition of the Deposit of Microorganisms for the Purposes of Patent Procedures,

The Geneva Act of the Lisbon Agreement on the Appellations of Origin and Geographical Indications.

The overwhelmingly positive response from Member States throughout the Asia-Pacific region demonstrates the strong support for WIPO treaties and the broader multilateral system. 

WIPO Singapore Office and the ASEAN SME Academy Partnership Helps Grow IP Knowledge in the Region

WIPO Singapore Office and the ASEAN SME Academy Partnership Helps Grow IP Knowledge in the Region

ASEAN SMEs will now be able to gain easy access to a wide range of WIPO online courses under a new partnership between the WIPO Singapore Office (WSO) and the ASEAN SME Academy that was announced on World IP Day (April 26).

The courses cover: a primer on intellectual property, an introduction to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), trademarks, industrial designs and geographical indications, IP management and a guide to protecting, commercializing and enforcing IP rights for SMEs (IP Panorama).

By joining forces with the ASEAN SME Academy, WIPO hopes that many of the 8,000 registered users of the Academy will take advantage of the opportunity and complete some of WIPO’s online courses thereby making their businesses stronger and potentially more profitable.  

What a Day! WIPO Singapore Office Joins Multiple World IP Day Events

The WIPO Singapore Office (WSO) was proud to join World IP Day celebrations across the region. Here’s a snapshot of what the WSO co-organized and contributed to:

  • In Viet Nam, a hybrid event co-organized by the IP Office of Viet Nam and the Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh saw more than 200 SMEs attend in-person whilst the WSO and hundreds of others participated via video conference,
  • In the Philippines, a webinar was organized for brand owners and their advisors as part of IP Month/World IP Day celebrations with 300+ participants,
  • In Indonesia, a multi-day hybrid event saw more than 500 SMEs join webinars and seminars under the theme of “Think IP”,
  • In Malaysia, 100+ SME owners joined an online session that featured presentations from MyIPO, a Malaysian inventor, the President of the Innovation and Technology Managers Association of Malaysia and the WSO,
  • For the Asia-Pacific region, the WSO organized a regional webinar which saw nearly 200 IP stakeholders from 30 countries join the session on how IP Offices can support SMEs and their use of the IP system to commercialize their intangible assets.

Viet Nam Accedes to the Budapest Treaty

The Government of Viet Nam deposited its instrument of accession to the Budapest Treaty on the International Recognition of the Deposit of Microorganisms for the Purposes of Patent Procedure, on March 1, 2021. The Budapest Treaty entered into force in Viet Nam on June 1, 2021.  

WIPO GREEN Acceleration Project 2021: Creating Value from Palm Oil Waste in Indonesia

WIPO GREEN launched its acceleration project 2021, targeting a major source of greenhouse gas emissions in South-East Asia. During acceleration projects, technology providers and green solution seekers make crucial connections that can lead to green tech deployment or transfer. Want to participate? Contact the WIPO GREEN team.  

WSO UPCOMING EVENTS The WSO has participated in a wide range of webinars with partners in both the public and private sectors across the ASEAN. If you are interested in having a speaker from WIPO join your online activity, please visit the WSO website for our contact details or
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