Workshop – The roadmap to regenerative apparel – What does it look like and where weill it take us (March 18, 2021)

Thursday 18th March Innovation Forum will be hosting a workshop: “The roadmap to regenerative apparel: What does it look like and where will it take us?”

Over the half day workshop, we plan to look in-depth into the key issues surrounding regenerative apparel, including:

•            Regenerative apparel 101: What does regenerative actually mean and what does it look like in practice? With Jeff Tkach of the Rodale Institute

•            The farmer perspective: A valuable new paradigm or just ancient practices repackaged and rebranded? With Matt Maier of Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed and Nathanael Siemens of the Rodale Institute California Organic Center

•            From farm to forest: How do regenerative approaches differ across sourcing regions? With CottonConnect, APR, Conservation International and Textile Exchange

•            How leading brands are embracing regenerative approaches and implementing these into their operations with Veja and Patagonia

 Access to the workshop is exclusively for attendees at this year’s Sustainable Apparel and Textiles Conference (April 27-29,2021).

 You can still secure your place at the workshop and the conference if you register before Thursday, March 18, 2021.

Full registration details available here.