Samsara Luggage Expands D2C with Launch of Sarah & Sam Fashion and Lifestyle Collection

“Samsara Direct” takes its first steps in expansion strategy with the launch of Sarah & Sam.

Samsara Luggage (OTC: SAML) has entered the fashion market with the launch of Sarah & Sam, a fashion and lifestyle collection that reimagines timeless pieces using architectural inspired designs and steampunk influenced chic. Prompted by the travel limitations due to the coronavirus pandemic, Samsara Luggage incorporated Samsara Direct into its business model. Samsara Direct leverages the company’s established digital assets and manufacturing and fulfilment supply chain capabilities to offer additional consumer products that respond to the changing needs of the market.  

Sarah & Sam by Samsara Luggage

“I am thrilled to share this first expansion initiative since the launch of Samsara Direct,” says Atara Dzikowski, Co-founder & CEO, Samsara Luggage. “While this launch has been in progress for many months, it comes at a pivotal time in our culture. Design has always been the core of Samsara’s DNA and now we are able to offer products that highlight our style in a new international fashion collection that’s suitable for the current times, but also packs easily for when we are cleared to travel again.” 

Sarah & Sam compliments Samsara’s stand-out style with a matching color-block of black and white with flickers of yellow. This new fall collection includes asymmetrical hemlines on shirts and coats, artistic tailoring and accessories that transcend the basics for a modern edit. 

Sarah & Sam is a curation of fashion and lifestyle items inspired by complexity, exploring geometric shapes, asymmetrical hemlines and a structural design that embodies modernity.  The brand celebrates change and differentiation with unique collections that make an impactful statement.  Each piece is made to create confidence within and inspire the wearer to think outside of the box.  Sarah & Sam’s fall collection lets you dial it up or tone it down, with classic pieces that are mixed with more eclectic designs. The fashion and lifestyle brand is an extension of Samsara Luggage, a known innovator in the travel and tech industries. 

Samsara Luggage, Inc. (OTC: SAML) is a global smart luggage and smart travel brand with a deep belief in creating a world where travel isn’t a hassle, but rather an effortless experience.  By combining smart features, including IoT technology, innovative design and quality materials, Samsara is dedicated to transforming the travel industry with its products. Samsara Luggage unveiled its Next Generation smart carry-on at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  The Next Generation is the first to market a Wi-Fi Hotspot technology for travelers to access a secured network globally.

Samsara Luggage recently also launched its newest product, the Nano Bag, an overnight travel bag treated with a layer of bacteriostatic Nano protection that prevents colonies of bacteria from developing on the fabric. This new addition to Samsara’s product line provides a barrier that repels contaminants to keep that bag and its contents hygienic and clean.  With the Nano-Bag’s smart material, travelers stay protected while exposed to high-traffic areas.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Samsara Luggage launched Essentials by Samsara, a safety kit containing protective products that are currently in high demand.  Each kit contains a reusable mask with filter, sanitizing gel, four sanitizing pads and three pairs of disposable gloves.  The Essentials by Samsara safety kit as a shared solution relevant for the current Coronavirus pandemic and even post-COVID as travelers continue to take precautions.