Russian PVC production increases by 4 % in January 2017

Russian PVC production increases by 4 % in January 2017

Russia’s unmixed polyvinyl chloride (PVC) production reached 78,900 tonnes in January 2017, up 4% compared with the same time a year earlier, according to an MRC ScanPlast report.

SayanskKhimPlast and RusVinyl showed a significant increase in production, according to the report.

January production of unmixed PVC in Russia grew to 78,900 tonnes, compared with 75,700 tonnes in January 2016 and 84,000 tonnes in December 2016.


The main increase in PVC output was provided SayanskKhimPlast and RusVinyl, while Kaustik Volgograd on the contrary decreased production.

Total PVC production in Russia reached 785500 tonnes in 2016. The structure of PVC production by plants looked the following way over the stated period.

RusVinyl produced about 25,300 tonnes of PVC in January compared to 30,500 tonnes a month earlier, with about 2,000 tonnes of which accounted for by emulsion polyvinyl chloride (EPVC). RusVinyl’s total PVC production reached 305500 tonnes over twelve months of 2016, whereas this figure was 237300 tonnes a year earlier.

SayanskKhimPlast last month kept a sufficiently-high level of capacity utilisation, with January PVC production reaching 23000 tonnes, while January 2016 and December 2016 levels reached 21700 tonnes and 23000 tonnes, respectively. The Sayansk plant managed to produce only 142800 tonnes of PVC in 2016, compared to 208500 tonnes a year earlier due to a forced shutdown from February to July.

Bashkir Soda Company produced more than 22700 tonnes of SPVC in January, compared with 22400 tonnes in January 2016 and 22700 tonnes in December 2016. Total SPVC production at Bashkir Soda Company in 2016 was 248700 tonnes.

Kaustik (Volgograd) in January slightly decreased production, reaching about 8000 tonnes in SPVC, compared with 8200 tonnes in January 2016 and 8100 tonnes in December 2016. Total PVC production at Kaustik (Volgograd) in 2016 reached 88,500 tonnes.

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