Karl Mayer with Americas in-house exhibition in USA

Karl Mayer with Americas in-house exhibition in USA

Karl Mayer organizes in-house exhibition in USA for North and Central American customers and industry partners on April 26-28, 2016 at its subsidiary in Greensboro, North Carolina  

Karl Mayer is the leading worldwide innovator in machinery for warp knitting, warp preparation for weaving, and technical textiles. New machines, new applications and new fabrics, all are a continuous part of the company’s innovation process, leading to radical changes in the production of functional sportswear up to the use of carbon fibre in cars intended to revolutionize mobility.

KARL MAYER_In-House ExhibitionWhen developing new machines the firm always maintains a strong focus on the interests of its customers all over the world with their specific needs. For their industry partners in North and Central America, the company will organize a special event in the spring of this year. Goal is to provide the market an opportunity to learn about many recent innovations in detail and to generate ideas for new product development. The event will be set up as in-house exhibition at its subsidiary in Greensboro, North Carolina from April 26 to 28. This exhibition will bring experts together, will be a knowhow exchange, and will show the newest machines and applications for warp knitting, weaving warp preparation and composite fabrics. “We have developed an exhibition program intended to provide our guests with fresh ideas and valuable support for their future development activities“, explains Tony Hooimeijer, President of Karl Mayer North America in Greensboro. “Our customers have enormous experience and knowledge in their markets. If they are able to combine this with our expertise and innovations, it is surely possible to generate completely new product solutions and ideas for increased productivity“, is Tony Hooimeijer’s firm belief.

During the in-house exhibition in Greensboro, visitors will have the opportunity to see high performance warp knitting machines in operation, producing new and sophisticated fabrics for automotive applications, and for sportswear, including seamless garments. For the weaving industry, the firm will be displaying its latest automatic sectional warper for the flexible production of high-precision warp beams. For sizing, the company will be showing its VSB size box, a revolutionary new development that will generate significant savings. The third highlighted key area will be for the composites industry, and an innovative carbon fibre spreading unit will be demonstrated.

The exhibition with all its highlights will be open to guests in the most flexible way possible. A half-day visit, a full-day tour or a stay for several days – the programme will be tailored to individual requirements. In addition to having a show and tell at the machines, there will be presentations by the Business Units at regular intervals. The Karl Mayer Academy will hold fabric forming familiarization courses, providing more insight in the application possibilities of the presented technologies. And last, but not least, the event will offer plenty of networking opportunities, with industry partners and with company experts.


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