Webinar: Fibre & Materials Benchmark, April 12, 2016

Webinar: Fibre & Materials Benchmark, April 12, 2016

As announced, Textile Exchange’s Preferred Fibre and Materials (PFM) Benchmark Survey is now live! Previously known as TE’s “Market Survey,” the 2016 Benchmark Program incorporates a number of exciting new features, all of which will improve the accuracy, usability and consistency of your customized feedback. In addition to a sleek new look and feel, the survey now incorporates a fibre conversion calculator, a modularization approach and a weighting and scoring system, among other upgrades.

Textile Exchange

 In response to consultation feedback, tomorrow we will be hosting a webinar to guide you through the updated survey framework and features, explain a little more about the program, and to answer any questions you may have.

 We hope you can join us and please don’t hesitate to contact the TE team at Support@TextileExchange.org  with any questions you may have.

 Date: April 12, 2016

Time (there are two options to accommodate different time zones):

Option 1: 12pm London, 1pm Madrid, 2pm Istanbul, 7pm Singapore

Option 2: 10am US PST, 1pm US EST, 6pm London, 7pm Madrid

Register for Webinar here

The PFM Benchmark Program

The PFM Benchmark Program provides a robust structure to help you systematically measure, manage and integrate a preferred fibre and materials strategy into mainstream business operations, compare progress with the sector, and transparently communicate performance and progress to stakeholders.

By comparing your scores with those achieved by the sector, you can plan improvement efforts and prioritize action areas by identifying both your strengths and the gaps where future progress can be made.

The Benchmark Program, kindly supported by C&A Foundation and German retailer Tchibo, is now an annual event, which means a consistent basis for measurement and a commitment from us to support your year-on-year performance improvement review.

* TE defines PFM as a fiber, material or product that is ecologically and socially progressive and has been selected because it has more sustainable properties than other options.

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Download introduction to Benchmarking here

Download Survey Summary here




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