UK Coats showcases latest products at Wire in Dusseldorf

UK Coats showcases latest products at Wire in Dusseldorf, Germany

Coats, the world’s leading industrial thread manufacturer, is showcasing its innovative ranges of para-aramid and polyester engineered yarns at Wire, the international wire and cable trade fair.  Wire is held in Dusseldorf, Germany, Monday April 4 – Friday April 8 and the Coats stand location is Hall 16, Booth G 39

Shantanu Banerjee, President, Speciality, Coats, said: ‘We apply our proven technologies to yarns to improve performance in existing applications and are also constantly looking at new end uses, particularly in the wire and cable sector.  Our water block technology is just one example of how we have combined specialist knowledge with our long standing expertise in yarns.  We are constantly innovating to address evolving customer needs and the testing requirements of the environments in which they operate.’

The team of Coats representatives attending Wire reflect its global expertise and are from its sites around the world including Germany, Turkey, India coats at Wireand the US.

The innovative products include Ultrabloc S/SC, a water swellable yarn which is ideal for dry blocking in fibre optic cables.  It is a pure spun super-absorbant polymer thread with a polyester core for added strength and temperature stability.

Protos Ripcord PF is specifically for cable ripcord applications.  It has a unique protective film coating which is highly resistant to abrasion, proven to help reduce ripcord size, especially in armoured cable applications.  It is produced use the latest twisting technology, a highly controlled process that ensures optimal ripcord performance.

Gral Binder LS is a high tenacity multi-filament polyester yarn with ultra-low shrink.  It is specially engineered to ensure that the binder does not indent buffer tubes which can cause a defect in the cable and disrupt the stranding operation.  Its main use is for loose tube telecommunications cables and it provides a lower cost alternative to aramid binders.   

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