Archroma pays tribute to the Pakistan denim industry

Archroma pays tribute to the Pakistan denim industry

Archroma paid homage to the buoyant denim industry in Pakistan by organizing an exclusive denim art exhibition, in collaboration with the Consulate General of Switzerland, at Mohatta Palace in Karachi.

Under the theme “Jewels of the Sea”, the exhibition highlighted how denim and indigo together inspire designers and artists. The exhibits comprised of original paintings, artifacts, and antique objects exploring the interrelation between indigo and denim.

The exhibition was visited by a number of dignitaries, brand owners and retailers, as well as denim manufacturers, from Pakistan and abroad.

Interestingly, indigo was first discovered centuries ago in the vicinity of Jamshoro, Pakistan, from where its trade was initiated to other parts of the world. Archroma has the distinction to bring indigo back to its roots by starting its production of liquid indigo at its plant at Jamshoro.

Speaking at the occasion, Emil Wyss, Consul General of Switzerland, said, “Pakistan has a rich cultural heritage and its connectivity with its main crop – cotton – is fascinating. The local textile industry has, therefore, grown manifolds due to ample availability of raw material. The exhibition gave us a deep insight of past and present and is an excellent chronicle of the country’s craftsmanship.”

“Archroma is committed to make the industry sustainable with its products, processes and support. This exhibition, the first of its kind in the country, showcased pieces of art produced by the team of Archroma to pay tribute to the denim industry for their extraordinary efforts in shining the name of Pakistan on the map of the denim world. Today a denim apparel from Pakistan carries strong brand image of being of high quality, durability and style. We are inspired to see the rousing response of our patrons and hopefully our efforts will facilitate to make our denim industry sustainable”, said Mujtaba Rahim, CEO of Archroma Pakistan Limited.

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