The Worker Experience Podcast Series, by Workplace Fairness, Is Officially 1 Year Old

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October 31, 2023

WASHINGTON (Oct. 31, 2023) – Workplace Fairness recently celebrated one year of podcasts when releasing its 22nd podcast in The Worker Experience series:


22 | In HR? How You Show Up for Workers Matters


In this episode of The Worker Experience, host Edgar Ndjatou speaks with people operations expert Kim Williams. Kim shares how she initially came to our website while facing a workplace issue, her experience in utilizing WF resources, and how HR professionals can best support workers on the job. Get to know your legal workplace rights here. Transcribed version of this episode is coming soon.

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Available on all podcast platforms, The Worker Experience is the only podcast featuring this type of crucial content.

Listen here to all episodes on The Worker Experience by Workplace Fairness and check out all the podcasts. Celebrate with us by listening and subscribing on your favorite podcast platform, and sending any feedback, testimonials and recommendations here.

Past episodes highlight workers’ legal protections surrounding criminal backgrounds, AI, workplace surveillance, pay inequity, discrimination of all types, union organizing, disability accessibility and more.


Collaborators include representatives from NELP, National Women’s Law Center, Starbucks and AmazonUnions, Public Citizen and more.

The Worker Experience is brought to you by Workplace Fairness, a workers rights advocacy organization that develops free workers’ rights legal resources and actively works to create a more just society for employees. Hosted by Edgar Ndjatou, each episode will feature guests that help address hot button workers’ rights issues and workplace situations,  while referencing crucial legal information powered by our award-winning Know Your Rights content.

Workplace Fairness works to empower and equip workers with the knowledge needed to advocate for themselves in the workplace. Workplace Fairnessis grateful for all provided support and interest as it continues to develop and grow a podcast that is true to their mission and work of serving workers and their advocates.

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