ShellyPalmer’s Blog on AI Voice cloning danger

Shelly Palmer

May 2, 2023

Generative AI has presented the music industry with new challenges. You’ve probably heard about the AI-generated song featuring cloned vocals of Drake and The Weeknd. It went viral, but was taken down because Universal Music Group (UMG) claimed copyright violations. (I’m not sure if copyright laws actually apply here.)

This morning on Good Day New York, I cited some other examples and also talked about the potential dark side of voice cloning. You can watch the segment here.

I’m going to dive deeper into voice cloning and generative AI music production tomorrow at 12:15 p.m. ET on YouTube Live. I’m also going to talk about Senator Markey’s proposed “Block Nuclear Launch by Autonomous Artificial Intelligence Act” legislation and the concept of “default to distrust.” We’ll also take a tour of our new, free AI resource page. Get notified here.

P.S. We’ve added two new sections to Generative AI for Executives, our free online course: ChatGPT Security & Privacy Concerns, and Autonomous Agents. Enroll today.

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