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Restrictions on Use of Information Submission of Ideas Prohibited Usage Disclaimer The TextileFuture website is operated and maintained by TextileFuture Limited (hereinafter referred to as "TextileFuture") or its agents. Please read the following terms and conditions before using the TextileFuture website. Use this website only if you agree to and accept these Terms of Use. When using other websites linked to or from this website, please note that you also must agree to the terms and conditions of each linked site.

Restrictions on Use of Information of the TextileFuture Website

All information (including image data, etc.) on the TextileFuture website is protected by various countries’ copyright laws, treaties, and other laws. Except to the extent explicitly permitted by applicable law, including strictly private use, it is prohibited to use any of this information on the TextileFuture website (including, without limitation, duplication, reproduction, modification, uploading, presentation, transmission, distribution, licensing, sale, and publication) irrespective of the media or means, without the prior consent of TextileFuture.

Prohibited use of TextileFuture’s Website

The following actions are prohibited when using the TextileFuture website:
  • Any act that violates, or is likely to violate, the property or privacy of any third party or TextileFuture.
  • Any act that causes, or is likely to cause, damage and/or disadvantages to any third party or TextileFuture.
  • Any act that is against public order and standards of decency, or that is likely to be perceived as such.
  • Any criminal act, or any act that leads to crime or is likely to lead to crime.
  • Any act of making false statements or notification, including registration of another person’s e-mail address, etc.
  • Any business activity or any act intended for profit, or making preparations for such an act.
  • Any act that does or is likely to defame or disgrace the reputation of any third party or TextileFuture.
  • Any act that introduces, or is likely introduce, harmful programs like computer viruses, etc. into the TextileFuture website.
  • Any act that violates, or is likely to violate, laws, regulations, and/or ordinances.
  • Any other act that is deemed inappropriate by TextileFuture.
  • The term “TextileFuture” mentioned in item 1 of this list shall include TextileFuture Limited, The term “third party” mentioned in item 1 of this list (also applies throughout the TextileFuture website) refers to a third-party business partner/supplier of a service subcontracted by TextileFuture and who claims the rights of this provision. Third parties other than defined herein shall not be included.

The TextileFuture Website Disclaimer

TextileFuture makes no warranties with respect to the accuracy, usefulness, reliability, fitness for a particular purpose, or safety of any information contained in the TextileFuture website. TextileFuture bears no liability for any damage or loss suffered by you or any third party arising from your use of, or access to, or inability to use or access, the TextileFuture website or information contained therein. When using third-party websites that link to or from the TextileFuture website (Linked Sites), be sure to follow their respective Terms of Use. TextileFuture rejects all responsibility and liability for the content of Linked Sites and for any damage or loss arising from your use thereof. Please note that all information on the TextileFuture website is subject to change and that access to all or any part of the TextileFuture website may be suspended or discontinued without notice. TextileFuture bears no liability for any damage or loss arising from changes in information or the suspension or discontinuation of the TextileFuture website for whatever reason. This provision shall be effective retroactively to the time when the TextileFuture website was initially launched.

Privacy Policy

  1. We comply with the EU Regulation (GDPR) as to the from you authorised use of your personal data.
  2. We don't supply anyone outside of TextileFuture with your personal data.
  3. You do agree to such procedures by your subscription and we do deliver News, Newsletters, Event Calendar only to approved subscribers.
  4. Subscribers are entitled to unsubscribe at any time at the provided link for unsubscription.

Place of litigation.. any case is Zurich, Switzerland including local courts. Swiss law has in any case priority and other places of litigation are not permissible.