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Sustainable apparel: How brands can transform supply chains

24. April 2018 - 25. April 2018

The latest innovations in circular fashion, transparency and factory engagement

April 24-25, 2018, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The last year has seen tremendous change within the apparel industry with new sustainable innovations gaining traction. With a greater emphasis on circularity, transparency and supply chain efficiencies coming from fashion and apparel brands, the next 12 months looks set to be another step-change year for the industry.

Through focused and challenging discussions, this two-day conference will address the most pressing issues relevant to the apparel industry. It will equip delegates with the best-practice and know-how relating to the biggest opportunities – and challenges – in transforming apparel supply chains.

The forum will look at major issues such as:

  • Circular economy in the apparel industry: How close is circularity to gaining real traction in the industry? Can fashion brands work together successfully to implement circular solutions at scale?
  • Supply chain transparency: What’s the best way for brands to collate, monitor and use supplier data in an age of transparency and disclosure?
  • Better factory engagement: How can brands and factories work together more effectively for improved performance, energy efficiencies and cost-savings?

We will also have focused, practical working sessions on topics such as:

  • Engaging procurement: A pragmatic look at what works – and what doesn’t – when working with procurement departments
  • The Higg Index: How to use the tools available to measure, benchmark and report the impact of your company’s sustainability performance
  • Viscose: A closer look at the emerging deforestation threat and the options available for companies to stay one step ahead
  • Digitalisation: An in-depth look at the sustainability impacts of automation and digitalisation in apparel supply chains
  • Role of consumers: What are consumers truly willing to offer in exchange for more sustainable products?

See the full agenda here

See the full list of confirmed speakers to date here

How is this conference different?

  • More time for genuine discussion –  the agenda and timings have been built to provide time for in-depth debate and meaningful exchange beyond introductions and superficial outlines of initiatives. There will be a lot of experience in the room and therefore we intend for the discussions to be participatory.
  • Held under the Chatham House rule – this event is not intended as a PR platform – we hold the event under a covenant of confidentiality to promote honest exchange.
  • Content is designed for action and practice – the agenda and event structure are designed to provide actionable tools and practical insights that you can then apply to your own company.

Who will be there?

Over 100 managers, directors, and heads of department will attend the conference from leading fashion and apparel brands, retailers, suppliers and traders. They’ll be joined by key NGOs, government officials, and multi-stakeholder initiatives.

In addition to the speakers, this year’s conference has received bookings from senior representatives at ASICS, UNICEF, Otto Group, FSC, Lidl, ASOS, Hugo Boss, Mammut Sports Group, BESTSELLER and many more.

Why attend?

  • Hear from industry leaders – what has worked for them, and what to avoid
  • Multi-stakeholder attendance – network with diverse figures from across the fashion and apparel industry
  • Understand the latest innovation set to transform the apparel industry in the next five years

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24. April 2018
25. April 2018