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»Science meets business« at think 2018

6. March 2018 - 8. March 2018

Think 2018 is scheduled for March 6 – 8, 2018 at the Maritim Hotel in Stuttgart, Germany, it is organised by thinkstep

Experience impulse presentations from leading academics and interactive discussions around the needs and latest approaches on how to create sustainable value for your business.

Enjoy yourself and do some networking: the social program at »think 2018«

The social program at think 2018 offers a wide variety of stimulating ideas and leaves space for engrossing conversations. Join in!

Tuesday, March 6 • 13:00–17:00 P.M.

»Science meets business« at think 2018 (limited space)

Hosted by Prof. Dr. Matthias Finkbeiner (Institute of Environmental Technology – Chair of Sustainable Engineering; TU Berlin), Matthias Fischer (Fraunhofer IBP, Dept. LCE and University of Stuttgart, IABP-GaBi) and thinkstep among others, “Science meets business” will allow you to meet with scientists from leading academic institutions. The discussion will revolve around the needs and latest approaches to create sustainable value for your business.

Each of the topics will involve a 20 min impulse presentation and a 40 min discussion. The four sessions will be followed by an interactive session allowing industry to address gaps and challenges which need to be tackled by science.

After 5:30 drinks and food will be provided. We are looking forward to continue the discussion to bring new topics to the agenda of science as well as existing approaches to the next level to create sustainable value to business.

Wednesday, 7 March, 2018

Keynotes • Wednesday, 7 March • 09:30–11:00

Let’s talk embedded sustainability

Join keynote speakers like Michael Braungart, chemist and inventor of the cradle to cradle approach, to learn more about overcoming potential obstacles and embracing innovation.

  • 09:00–09:45 A.M.

A mindful start in the morning

Icelandic storyteller Hanna Snorradóttir offers you a calm start in the morning. The focus of this session is to work on more presence and less stress.

Hanna will show us a way to let go of »business as usual« and think out of the box through exercises and visualizations that you can easily integrate in your busy life at home. During this 45 min session we will listen to a part of the Nordic myth of the tree of life (Ask Yggdrasil).

The Tree of Life is the symbol of our inner balance. In order to be balanced, we need to harmonize the so-called feminine and masculine qualities, representing stillness vs. activity, intuitive vs. rational wisdom, creativity vs. logic, etc.

We will then work with these symbols and relate them to our own lives through soft movement and visualizations.

Speaker: Hanna Snorradóttir, stress coach · Ballerup, Denmark

Wednesday, 7 March • 14:30-16:00

think sourcing

Supply chain transparency and ethical sourcing on the one hand, supplier ratings and data management for compliant and sustainable selection of purchased materials, goods and services on the other hand, are developing into day to day obligations for purchase departments.

This session will provide first hand examples by the industry and best practice about how to address these challenges.

Wednesday, 7 March • 14:30-16:00

think product development

The digitalization of the product development process brings great opportunities but challenges alike.

How can embedding digital twins of material, sustainability and compliance complement the core product development process for better quality, faster time to market and more successful products?

Wednesday, 7 March • 20:00–24:00 P.M.

Evening event

The evening event will take place at a fascinating location in Stuttgart city. We won’t give too much away but we are sure you will love it.


Thursday, 8 March • 14:30-16:00

think production

Sustainable, safe and healthy production environments are a must-have in modern enterprises, but often these dimensions are just seen by themselves, locked in the EHS “silo” of a company.

How can embedded sustainable performance management lead to leaner production and cost savings?

Thursday, 8 March • 14:30-16:00

think marketing and sales

How can sustainable branding, supported by marketing and communication, contribute to higher sales, loyal employees and better brands?

What’s the impact of the EU sustainability reporting directive on sustainability ratings and valuation of companies? How to address the reporting requirements in an efficient way? This session will provide insight into industry best practices.

Further details will be coming soon, and TextileFuture will offer the updates!

Benefit from high-profile knowledge shared by thought leaders, sustainability managers and business professionals.

Online registration can be made here



6. March 2018
8. March 2018