ShanghaiTex 2019

25. November 2019 – 28. November 2019 all-day

ShanghaiTex 2019

ShanghaiTex  2019 will be held from November 25 -28, 2019 in Shanghai, China. The event is  a  high  quality  platform  for  future  textile  &  fashion  trends  and  innovations.    A  biennial  event  held  at  Shanghai  since  1984  continues  to  bring  top-notched  technology  from  cross-border  industries  where  textile  applications  and  innovative  designs  can  be  drawn  into  reality.  It  is  bound  to  fuel  a  new  wave  of  ideas  from  all  players.  A textile journey that set off a better living is about to begin

Textile and Fashion Technology changing how we wear, how we live – Keeping us healthier and happier

Textile and fashion are closely related to people’s ever-changing lifestyle. As a result, textile technology has been continuously developed and improved. It has penetrated into our lives with different appearances, functions and extensive applications, enabling improved and better lives of people.






Spashion,  a  cross-over  between  sports  and  fashion,  blends  fashion  and  comfort  for  all-day  functionality.  Under  the  growing  pursuit  of  healthy  lifestyle  of consumers, the spashion market is about to get even hotter.







Women, Be Fabulous !

With China’s industrial restructuring and the upgrading of women’s consumption, the  women’s  wear  and  beauty  market  continues  to  grow,  and  the  industry  begins to shift its focus to R&D/Design. Textile products that can meet the needs of  female  consumers  of  different  ages  and  stages  of  life  will  usher  in  great  development.




Wellness for Kids

Implementation  of  the  two-child  policy  will  continue  to  drive  demand  in  the  maternal  &  kidswear  market  in  China.  While comfort  and  safety  are  the  most  important considerations for parents buying products for their children, “organic” and “harmless” products and labels will play a growing role in the market.






Smart lives for Seniors

As  China  enters  an  aging  society,  senior  care  has  become  an  important  issue  in  life.  How  to  create  intelligent  textiles  that  can  monitor  the  physical  condition  at any time or GPS function through the integration of wearable technology and textile, so as to improve the living quality of the elderly, and reduce the pressure of  young  people  on  senior  care,  will  be  a  blue  ocean  market  that  is  yet  to  be  developed.






ShanghaiTex 2019 – Where technology and design create textile possibilities

Textile and fashion technology are developing fast and must be equipped with good design, new ideas and cross-border innovation in order to be fully utilized to produce diversified, high-quality products.ShanghaiTex 2019 is committed to connecting upstream and downstream enterprises, bridging the gap between brands, designers, manufacturers and textile technology, so that design and technology can be interlinked. It also strives to educate textile machinery manufacturers on how to apply technology to achieve design.


Start-up Planet

Cross-border  innovation  and  technology  start-ups  are  the  driving  force  for  the  sustainable  development  of  textile  and  fashion  industry  in  recent  years.  The  Startup  Zone  at  ShanghaiTex  connects  the  brightest  tech  start-ups  from  around  the globe directly with investors, buyers and manufacturers to realise innovative ideas changing the future of textile and fashion.

Injecting New Energy into Textile & Fashion Industry

Target means Wearable Technology / Yarn / Artificial Intelligence / Software / Cross-border Platform / 3D Measurement / Textile Recycling Platform…















Any new ideas related to textile & fashion!

Digital Technology is transforming Textiles Industries

  • Textile Industry 4.O
  • AI Artificial Intelligence meets fashion
  • Customisation
  • Supply Chain Optimisation
  • New Retail

Thematic Event & Forum

・Textile 4.0 Forum ・Artificial Intelligence of Fashion and Textile   Conference・Seminar on the New Retail Era ・Rebuild Supply Chain With the IoT

Highlighted Technology・  Textile Automation・  Production Management System・  Artificial Intelligence・  Fitting Technology・  Fashion Trend Prediction Technology・  E-commerce Platform

Rebuild the Future of Textiles – Material & Cross-Border Innovation

Functional Yarns & Fibre Fibers and yarns are the cornerstone of textiles.  They  are  constantly  developing  to  improve  the  health  and  functionality  of  textiles.  Some green and recycled  man-made  fibres  have  gradually become the new favourite of the market. The evolution of materials has led to a revolution in fashion innovation and a better life for human beings.

3D Additive Manufacturing 3D  printing  and  production,  seamless  technology  are  making  complex  structural  design  possible.  The  increase  in  material  utilization  rate  also  coincides  with  the  fashion  circle’s  personalization and sustainable development goals, the market potential is limitless.

Wearable TechnologySmart Textil

According  to  market  reports,  by  2022,  the  global  smart  textile  market  will  reach  5.369  billion  US  dollars.  Coupled  with  the  new  enthusiasm  of  healthy  consumption  in  China,  smart  textiles  with  functions  such  as  health  monitoring  and  sports-related  interactive  functions  will  become  a fast-growing field. The application of some conductive materials and nanotechnology will become one of the key areas of concern in the industry

Highlighted Technology

Spinning and Techtextile・ Knitting and Hosiery・ Functional Fibers and New Materials   ・ Wearable Technology

Thematic Event & Forum

Seminar on Functional Fibers and New Materials ・Wearable Technology X Textile Design Competition


Green is the New Black


Sustainability: “Sustainable fashion” has gradually evolved as a new lifestyle. Not  only  the  outdoor  products  and  sports  brands  have  been  vigorously  promoted,  but  also  many  popular  fashion  brands  have  been  supporting  them.  From  the  design  of  textiles,  materials,  production  process  and  packaging,  “green  fashion”  has  been  implemented,  showing  the  interaction  between  fashion  and  environmental  protection  and  ecological  friendliness.

Eco-friendly Chemical / Material Choices: In  recent  years,  China  has  been  guiding  the  printing  industry  to  shift  to  non-polluting  and  low-energy  consumption,  and  it  is  extremely  urgent  to  promote  “green  printing”  from  various  aspects  of  equipment,  technology  and  materials.  In  addition  to  the  general  properties  required  for  printing  auxiliaries  and  dyes, textile chemicals must also meet certain specific quality indicators  such  as  safety  and  biodegradability.  Environmental  protection  and  green  will  become  the  mainstream  of  textile  chemicals development in the future.

Highlighted Technology: Printing, Dyeing and Finishing・Digital Printing ・Dyes and Textile Chemicals・Sustainable Development, Green Technology and Renewable Materials ・Denim Production and Finishing Technology

Thematic Event & Forum        

Textile Sustainability Forum・New Materials Showcase and Application Seminar・The World Of Green Denim・Seminar On Your Smart & Fashionable Choice – Eco-friendly Dyes & Chemicals・The Digital Printing Arena