Join the World’s Largest Developers Congress 6 & 7 June | CityCube Berlin, Germany

6. June 2019 – 7. June 2019 all-day
Developers Congress

Join the World’s Largest Developers Congress 6 & 7 June | CityCube Berlin, Germany

Topics at the World Congress

Front Line of Emerging Technologies

Our programme is built to map all major aspects in the lifecycle of software development. Constructing Worlds covers the process of conceiving, designing and programming software covering UX/UI, languages & frameworks and infrastructure. As projects grow it gets harder to keep all the moving parts in mind. It’s time to start Controlling Complexity covering quality engineering, DevOps and security topics.

When traditional business methods fail it’s time for Applying Disruption and use emerging technologies to build dramatic and game changing innovations. Sometimes you discover that screens are not enough and you are Unchaining Engineering and start building IoT systems, extend the screen with AR/VR or build self driving cars. The increasing power of technology also raises serious questions. Coding Society covers ethical implications of emerging technologies, education and culture.


Experience the magic of development

Let’s be honest: attending workshops can be dull. BUT – not here, not with us, not with WeAreDevelopers! We combine expert knowledge with entertainment and industry know-how to deliver the workshops that will allow you to

  • Improve your skills
  • Deep-dive into new realities
  • Learn from the best
  • Rise to new levels!

Join us at WeAreDevelopers and experience bleeding-edge workshops!


We are all equal

At WeAreDevelopers, we firmly believe that everyone must be treated equally, irrespective of the background, place of origin, gender, sexual orientation, beliefs and mindset. Our congress is designed in a way that every attendee feels welcome.

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