Intertex Tunisia postponed to October 2021

12. October 2021 – 16. October 2021 all-day

Intertex Tunisia – 3rd International Exhibition of Textile Industry which will be organised due to Covid-rules n o t from April 2 – 4, 2021 but postponed to October 14-16, 2021 in Sousse,Tunisia.

Intertex Tunisia Fair will provide a great export value and sales growth to international companies with participation of domestic and international textile professionals. Intertex Tunisia Exhibition presents high quality products.

Through B group’s strong network in USA, Europe and Africa Intertex Tunisia Exhibition attract thousands professional of textile buyers from Africa and all over the world.

Exhibitor Profile

– Ready to wear

– Fabrics

– Fibre, Yarn and Raw Material

– Wool, Silk, Lace, Embroidery

– Printed Fabrics

– Colour-Woven-Shirting Fabrics

– Denim Fabrics and Weavers

– Buttons, Zippers Other Types of Trims

– Hometextile

– Digital Printing

– Designers and Design Studio

– Textile Machinery

– Leather&Shoes


– Apparel brands, Fashion labels
– Textile manufacturers & exporters
– Denim brands and exporters
– Retail chain stores and purchasers
– Fashion designers and design houses
– Importers and distributors of textile and fashion products
– Buying houses and agents
– Trade body representatives, Chamber of commerce
– International sourcing offices
– Textile and Fashion mass me

Attending Countries

Buyer Programme

B2b: Related to your product group and needs: We are ready to arrange appointments with your possible future top solution partners among over 8000 professional visitors we invite from over 10 countries with specialized buyer programme.

B2c: The concept of Intertex Tunisia is focused on work with retailers and wholesale buyers. We work constantly to extend existing Buyer Program to improve the efficiency of your work at the exhibition.


With our dedicated marketing team, we take care of each and every participants of Intertex Tunisia to maximize the efficiency of your business meetings through buyer and matchmaking programs with top decision makers

Tunisia’s Textile and Apparel Sector

The T&A sector is positioned as a cornerstone of the Tunisian industry and keeps a prominent place in the national economy while maintaining a strong contribution to the socio-economic balance of Tunisia. It is divided into six industries as follows :

  • spinning
  • weaving
  • finishing
  • hosiery
  • clothing
  • various industries (accessories…)

Thanks to multiple assets, these activities in Tunisia are increasingly competitive in the region and make the Tunisian site more favourable to foreign direct investment :

  • Geographical proximity to Europe facilitating the just-in-time
  • Good quality level consistent with the requirements of contractors;
  • Short and respected delivery deadlines, high responsiveness to small series and to replenishment ;
  • Skilled human resources and confirmed know-how ;
  • support and training facilities ;
  • Modernization and computerization programme ;
  • Compliance with social and environmental standards.

Tunisian manufacturers are able to supply the European market (and sometimes the Gulf and North African countries) in a few days thanks to a favourable geographical proximity.

A number of Tunisian manufacturers are starting to specialise in certain niche markets that require know-how and high technical skills, such as high end underwear or high technology textile, which is used in the automotive and aviation industries for security or medical purposes.

Le MFCPOLE, a definite advantage

Established in 2006, the Competitiveness Cluster-Monastir El Fejja (Governorate of Monastir), called MFCPOLE is a new smart industrial platform for industrial and service companies with a focus on the Textile sector.

The Competitiveness Cluster Monastir El Fejja consists of a technology park in Monastir dedicated to textile and Apparel (including a business incubator, a technological resource centre, a fashion institute), two industrial parks (one in Monastir and another in El Fejja which includes an area dedicated to textile finishing) and a network of partners In’Tex.

The creation of MFCPOLE falls within a framework of public-private partnership under a double perspective :

  • At the level of development of technology and competitiveness clusters, to create a true culture of innovation particularly through strengthening the competitiveness of textile and apparel industries;
  • At the level of area planning of economic activities in order to develop a new generation of industrial parks in compliance with international standards and offering excellent services;

Technical textiles are one of the promising industries for the textile sector in Tunisia. There are currently 250 companies that manufacture products based on technical textiles.

Nearly 2/3 of these businesses operate in apparel, furnishing, personal protection and sportswear markets.

Moreover, the emergence of activities related to the automotive and aerospace industries and the growing demand in the field of health reflect an evolution in terms of number of companies and volume of Mobiltech markets.

The current know-how in technical textiles in Tunisia is on the following products :

  • manufacture of protective clothing, uniforms and accessories, gloves and safety vests, etc…
  • linens, tarpaulins and awnings, upholstery fabric and flooring, etc…;
  • airbags, caps, car seats and covers, sailcloth, aircraft seats, pneumatic drive wheels, seat belts, etc.. (named Mobiltech);
  • films and plates, packaging sacks and bags in textile, etc…;
  • workwear, worksuits, industrial clothes, footed pyjamas and ankle guards of elastic hosiery; etc…
  • protective masks, orthopedic implants, surgical salts, splints, braces, bandages, etc…;
  • ski and water sports suits, swimwear, specialized sport suits, etc.;
  • automotive filters, industrial machinery filters, etc… ;
  • fishing nets, ropes, alpha ropes and strings, etc…