4th Biopesticides Europe

29. May 2019 – 30. May 2019 all-day

4th Biopesticides Europe

The 4th Biopesticides Europe conference is being organised from May 29-30, 2019 at Crown Plaza London, United Kingdom

ACI is excited to announce London, UK as the host city for our 4th Biopesticides Europe conference.

The Global and European biopesticides market has continued to grow significantly over past few years. With increased direction from the authorities and growing demand for sustainable agriculture it is certain that biopesticides market will continue to experience unprecedented growth. There is however still uncertainty from within the industry on how to get products effectively into the market. Issues with regulation and registration still prove challenging.

This 2 days event will bring together key industry stakeholders from the biopesticides industry to discuss the challenges faced and the future opportunities. Conference will also discuss the current overview of the markets, with highlights from experts on the progression of the biopesticides market and new insights and innovation of projects in pipeline.

Dave Chandler of Warwick Crop Centre – School of Life Sciences will serve as the Chairman of the conference


In addition to chairing the conference, Prof. Chandler will be presenting: THE UK AMBER Project: Helping Growers to get the Best out of Biopesticides. Key points of presentation include:

  • Biopesticides will inevitably become an important part of IPM, and growers are keen to use them
  • The UK grower experience is that some biopesticides work well but others give inconsistent results, and the reason for inconsistency are not always clear
  • In the AHDB ‘AMBER’ project we are investigating solutions that can help grower management practice with biopesticides to make them more reliable. Many biopesticides are slower acting than conventional pesticides, are more prone to the effect of environmental conditions, and are often applied at field doses that are close to the minimum effective level, meaning that a small decline in potency/ virulence because of management practice or adverse environmental conditions can result in loss of effectiveness. This needs to be taken account when developing and using biopesticides but at the moment it is not being taken seriously enough
  • Key areas where improvements are needed are:
  1. Improved spray application to deliver an effective dose of biopesticides in the right location, and also to prevent waste through run-off.
  2. New decision support tools to inform growers of the optimum time for application based on knowledge of pest or disease population growth
  3. New decision support tolls that inform growers about the effect of environmental conditions on biopesticides performance, such as day degree forecast for speed of kill.

We are also pleased to confirm Dean Thome, Novozymes BioAg as a New Speaker at the conference:

Mr Thome will be presenting during Session VI: Innovative

Partnerships Driving the Industry Forward: The New Multi-Partner

Approach to BioAg. Key points of presentation include:

  • The Novozymes ambition for BioAg
  • The new multi-partner approach to BioAg
  • Case Study: Partnership for commercializing a new biofungicide


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We are pleased to confirm World Vegetable Center as a New Sponsor & Speaker are the conference:

Mr Ramasamy will be representing World Vegetable Center at the conference, and will be presenting: The Path to Food Safety:

  • Role of Biopesticides in Safer Vegetable Production in South & Southeast Asia

Confirmed Speakers Include:

Jürgen Sturma, Scientific Officer Pesticides/ Regulated Products, 

European Food & Safety Authority / European Commission

David Cary,

Executive Director,  IBMA

Andrew Brown, Managing Director, Andermatt UK
Lieselotte De Bruyne, Product Manager Plant Health, 

Biobest Group

Kasper MoreauxR&D Manager, Sac O2
Marcus Meadows-Smith, CEO, BioConsortia, Inc
Amit Vasavada, Vice President, R&D,

 Marrone Bio Innovations

Srinivasan RamasamyFlagship Program Leader for Safe and Sustainable
Supply Chains,
 World Vegetable Center
Matthew Tarver, Lab Leader Biologics,

 Bayer Crop Science

Willem J. Ravensberg, Corporate Sr Regulatory& Governmental Affairs Manager,  Koppert Biological Systems
Matthew Williams, Commercial Business Manager , Agrii
Gianluca Savini, Technical Office Coordinator,

 Sant’Orsola Agricultural Cooperative Society

Jolanda Wijsmuller, Value Chain, Biologics & Minor Crops Manager,  
Bayer Crop Science SA-NV
Dean Thome,  Global Business Development Director
Novozymes BioAg Limited
Dave Chandler, Associate Professor, Warwick Crop Centre – School of Life Sciences
Carol Pullen, General Manager- Europe,  ORO Agri
Kevin Bosc, EMEA Lead/ External Affairs,

 Corteva Agriscience

Antonio Cerveró Domènech, Technical Director,

 Idai Nature

Nayem Hassan , Managing Director , Russell IPM
Nigel Goodayle, Joint Partner, C&N Innovations

Key Topics for Discussion include:

  • Regulatory Development Affecting
  • Biopesticides at the EU Level
  • Maximising Market Access for
  • Different Zonal Regions
  • Technological Innovations Advancing
  • the Industry
  • Digital tools & Novel Formulations
  • Innovative Partnerships Driving the Industry Forward
  • Biocontrol & Organic Agriculture
  • Developing Zero Residue Alternatives
  • Working with Farmers to Increase production & protect the land

Registration can be made here


Exclusive site visit (3 places left!)

During the afternoon of 28th May(Tuesday), a day before the conference, a select group of attendees will get a unique opportunity to visit Syngenta’s Jealott’s Hill International Research Centre.

Jealott’s Hill International Research Centre is a key site in Syngenta’s Global Research and Development network. With over 90 years of  tradition of innovation and employing over 800 people, it is the company’s largest site for new agrochemical R&D and product support.

Key activities at the Jealott’s Hill include research into the discovery of new active ingredients, new formulation technologies, product safety, technical support of our product range and seeds research. The site houses a number of centres of scientific excellence, both chemicaland biological, that partner with the UK and global research base to support our global activities and keep our science world-class.

There is no extra charge to attend the site visit, but spaces are limited and allocated on first come – first serve basis. Please register your attendance for the site visit when booking for the conference.

Site Visit attendance is subject to approval from Syngenta

The Crown Plaza London will be the venue’s site