Groz-Beckert Seminars in November: Compound and sewing machine needles in the Spotlight






Two new online seminars await you in November. Both the Knitting and Sewing sections will focus on the needle: The first seminar will deal with the compound needle in warp knitting technology and the second with the sewing machine needle “from shank to point”.

To participate, a prior registration is required. To register, please follow the corresponding link and register free of charge.

You can also always find an up-to-date overview of our planned seminars on our website.

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Groz-Beckert in warp knitting technology – High-performance compound needles
This online seminar will provide you with an overview of the Groz-Beckert compound needle portfolio. We will explain the elements, executions and features of compound needles, as well as their advantages and benefits, and present various application examples.

Language: English
Duration: 30 Minutes