John Crocker and Rick Stanford Receive AATCC Millson Award for Washing Machine Innovation



AATCC recently recognised John Crocker and Rick Stanford as the 2021 recipients of the Henry E. Millson Award for Invention. The Millson Award recognises inventions that are outstanding contributions to textile technology. Crocker and Stanford developed a standardized washing machine for testing textiles to multiple AATCC standards. Prior to this invention, domestic washers were used, but they changed every few years. Testing labs had washing machines with different operating parameters trying to run the same standard tests. Crocker’s and Stanford’s standardised washing machine also allows custom programming and can run a continuous wash cycle, saving water and detergent for special retailer tests that call for more washings.

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The standardised washing machine is made with industrial grade components, so it can meet the operating requirements of a lab that runs tests all day, every day. This eliminates the additional waste of replacing home washers on such a regular basis. Finally, the standardized washer allows AATCC standards committees to maintain consistent operating parameters; this means no more worry over the market confusion caused by the numerous models of domestic washers.

The Millson Award was presented at AATCC’s Textile Discovery Summit in Charlotte, NC, USA.