WIPO: High-level Conversation on Unlocking Intangible Asset Finance (November 1)

WIPO is organising a landmark event entitled “High-level Conversation on Unlocking Intangible Asset Finance” that will take place on November 1 in Geneva, Switzerland and online.

Businesses need access to capital to scale and grow. Yet many enterprises face challenges raising funds.

This finance gap stands in the way of their success and the prosperity of our economies. Intangible asset finance could narrow this gap. What an enterprise creates and invests, when protected by intellectual property, holds tremendous value. Strategic use of these intangible assets could become a game changer for intangible intensive firms.

This event will start as a dialogue between different institutions with a role in the intangible asset finance space to raise awareness amongst the global community of intangible asset finance and showcase its potential.

It brings together leaders and experts in the fields of finance, business, and intellectual property from the public and private sectors.

The event will continue in the form of a community-driven workshop focusing on exposing different perspectives around intangibles and their use for finance and sharing challenges and potential solutions.

Register using the buttons below and join us in person at WIPO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, or online!

Registration is compulsory and can be had here