REPORT LAUNCH on Made in China – China’s Role in Transnational Crime and Illicit Financial Flows




The People’s Republic of China plays an extremely impactful role as a source, transit and/or demand country in many of the most widespread and serious transnational crimes. The country is unique in that the government itself engages in certain types of criminal activity—specifically forced labor and intellectual property (IP) rights violations. In addition, the country’s political, economic, and social policies have extensive repercussions on the presence and prevalence of these crimes and the associated illicit financial flows (IFFs), both domestically and internationally. Furthermore, the country’s willingness to cooperate and act on these crimes within the global context has been relatively limited.

Global Financial Integrity’s (GFI) new report, Made in China: China’s Role in Transnational Crime & Illicit Financial Flows, scrutinizes China’s role in four different transnational crimes—drug trafficking, counterfeiting and IP theft, human trafficking and wildlife trafficking—as well as the IFFs associated with these crimes. It explores the dynamics of these crimes as they relate to China both domestically and internationally; the political, economic, social, and cultural drivers and facilitators to these crimes; laws and regulations related to these crimes; and how the Chinese government has responded to these crimes and IFFs.

Join report authors Channing Mavrellis and John Cassara on October 27, 2022, as they launch the report and share its findings. They will be joined by David Luna, Executive Director of the International Coalition Against Illicit Economies, and other experts to discuss China’s role in transnational crime and illicit financial flows, the dynamics of these crimes/flows and the Chinese government’s response, as well as what the international community can do to better understand, and combat, these activities.


Okt.  27, 2022 10:00 AM in Eastern Time (USA und Canada)

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