EU and Japan start negotiations to include rules on cross-border data flows in their Economic Partnership Agreement

The EU and Japan are likeminded democracies with a flourishing trade relationship.

The two sides have agreed to take this relationship to the next level, by launching negotiations on including rules on data flows in our Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA). The formal discussions will kick off on October 24, 2022 in Brussels.

The digital transition is a top priority for the European Commission. By incorporating modern digital trade rules into our agreement with Japan, we can shape the global rulebook, in the interests of our values, our consumers and our businesses. Specifically, the provisions on cross-border data flows that we will negotiate with Japan should benefit businesses on both sides.

Our aim is to ensure cross-border data flows by prohibiting unjustified data localisation requirements, while preserving the EU’s regulatory autonomy in the area of personal and non-personal data protection and cybersecurity.