Eurobarometer survey highlights how Europeans interact with the financial services world

The European Commission has on Oct. 1, 2022, published a Eurobarometer survey on how Europeans engage with the financial services world, in particular given its ever-increasing digitalisation and the development of sustainable finance. Overall, 86 % of Europeans say that they feel confident in managing their personal finances, and 73 % feel confident with banking online.

However, the results vary across Member States, gender, age, and level of education – showing the need for continued attention to financial literacy.

Europeans also care about sustainable finance but lack usable information about it. This Eurobarometer is based on answers to 16 questions from 27862 Europeans from all 27 Member States. The results will feed into the Commission’s future proposals in the area of retail finance. Find here a report on the Eurobarometer results, country-specific factsheets for all EU Member States, and an infographic on the overall EU results. A press release is available online.