Outdoor microadventures – outdoor fans invited to take part in a mini outdoor adventure

Microadventures: Leave everyday life behind – outdoor fans invited to take part in a mini outdoor adventure sleeping out under the stars

The 25th edition of the OutDoor show (June 17 – 20, 2018) in Friederichshafen, Germany, is giving consumers the opportunity to take part in a microadventure sleeping out in the open. “Microadventures are becoming increasingly popular and are inspiring more and more people to have outdoor experiences,” explains OutDoor project manager Dirk Heidrich. “Back to the basics” – relying simply on the essentials. Modern technology? Not required.

Microadventures are a new trend in the outdoor and leisure sector. These short, local, inexpensive and achievable nature adventures on your doorstep are also accessible to people who may have very little outdoor experience. And their direct, uncomplicated manner is what makes them such an appealing leisure opportunity. Backpacking in Borneo is not the only way to experience adventure. Instead of investing hours organising the perfect trekking trip, how about spontaneously spending the night in your local woods? Extensive planning and digital solutions might provide a sense of security, but with microadventures, it’s often the unpredictable twists and turns that make life more interesting.

Participants wanted – microadventure in Deggenhausertal

Take only what you really need, in true minimalist style. On Saturday, June 16, the day before the show opens, participants will be heading to the Deggenhausertal valley, carrying just a lightweight pack and accompanied by an experienced wilderness guide and using a map and compass to find their destination. There, they will be following their basic instincts and getting down to work: choosing the best place to set up camp for the night and building the shelters. These are made of just tarps (simple tent fabric sheets) and lines, plus other natural materials found in the woods. The evening meal gets cooked in an earth oven. It’s not all work and no play. There will be plenty of time for those unforgettable magical moments – sitting together around the campfire, sleeping out under the stars.

Information about taking part

When:              Saturday, June 16 from approx. 15:00 – Sunday, June 17 approx. 09:00.

Where:             Deggenhausertal (about 30 minutes’ drive from the tradeshow)

The event is open to everyone with an adventurous spirit over the age of 18. Participation is free of charge, places are limited. There is a video of last year’s event: http://www.outdoor-show.de/od-de/die-outdoor/microadventure.php

The 25th OutDoor jubilee edition show takes place from Sunday 17 to Wednesday June 20, 2018, and it is open to trade visitors only (with the exception of the German Bouldering Championships on 16/17 June in Hall B5).