Swiss Fashion Designer Yannik Zamboni wins one million USD in a fashion show in the USA

Yannik Zamboni


The Swiss Fashion Designer Yannik Zamboni has achieved the almost unattainable for himself. He wins the final of the fashion competition series “Making the Cut” from Prime Video and thus one Million USD for his fashion label maison blanche, also the exclusive possibility to create a line for his label maison blanche, and, in addition a co-brand with Amazon Fashion under the name “rare/self” to sell on Amazon. For Yannik develops the chance to extend his brand from local to global.

During eigth episodes the Swiss Yannik Zamboni and ex graduate of the STF Swiss Textile Technical School could impress the judges with his unconventional, iconic and deconstructuated looks, most of them in his signature colour white. He won against 9 seasoned fashion designers from all over the world.

Already in episode 7 the half final was for Yannik. In this sequence the business flair is tested and a design of a pop-up store has to be designed and constructed. Aditonally he and the remaining designers had to follow a business-pitch presentation what they will do with the one million USD prize money and how the intend to sell their business. Yannik was very decisive and impressoive and thus he was after this episode the first finalist of the show.

Yannik explained that it was almost self-explanatory for him that after winning the semifinals and entering the finals as the first participant to enter the final sequence, most likely won’t be able to win the last triumph of the show. And yet in the end, after the final runway in episode 8, he leaves as a beaming winner full of emotions, with a million US dollars for his label, the possibility of a collection exclusively for his label maison blanche and a co-brand under the name “rare/self” for sale on Amazon, from the stage.

Actually Yannik is preparing himself for the New York Fashion week, where his looks of his label maison blanche will be presented under the open sky on September 14, at 09.00 PM (NYC).