Fashion: Mother Nature – Serena Williams Isn’t Exactly Retiring – Designing a Chic Mobile Home for an Exclusive California Trailer Park

Fashion: Mother Nature – Serena Williams Isn’t Exactly Retiring – Designing a Chic Mobile Home for an Exclusive California Trailer Park

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The first feature is entitled “Fashion: Mother Nature”, it will give you a proof of photogapher Ethan James Greem on retun to his native Michigan. It is beautifully illustrated where his mother and aunt showcase the soft strength of streamlined knitwear and dresses.

The second item bears the title Serena Williams Isn’t Exactly Retiring”, it is an interview with Serena Williams ahead of her final U.S. Open, the tennis champion talks about turning her focus to family and business ventures: “I probably should retire, for a few years at least, but for some insane reason I’m not.” It is written by guest author Lane Florsheim from the Wall Street Magazine.

The third feature is introducing you to Designing a Chic Mobile Home for an Exclusive California Trailer Park” and it is well pictured in order that you see the inside of a beautiful home.

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Here starts the first feature:

Fashion: Mother Nature

Photographer Ethan James Green returns to his native Michigan, where his mother and aunt showcase the soft strength of streamlined knitwear and dresses.

By Ethan James Green, photographer, for WSJ. Magazine, and Tonne Goodman, stylist | Text by Corinne Dorsey

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Photographer Ethan James Green returned home to Michigan to shoot this fashion portfolio, which stars two of his earliest muses. Green photographed his mother, Melinda Green, and aunt, Brendolyn Van Zomeren, at the farm where the two women grew up and among Lake Michigan’s Sleeping Bear Dunes. “It’s a very surreal, beautiful place that not many people know about,” says Green. The shoot, styled by Tonne Goodman, was an emotional one for Green, as family and friends joined the set alongside his crew. “It was such a special experience because everyone that matters to me was on that shoot. And everyone acted as they always do,” he says. “I didn’t have to change to operate and exist.”





Here is the start of the interview with Serena Williams:

Serena Williams Isn’t Exactly Retiring

Ahead of her final U.S. Open, the tennis champion talks about turning her focus to family and business ventures: “I probably should retire, for a few years at least, but for some insane reason I’m not.”

Serena Williams is preparing to step off the court and take on new challenges in the business world. Kristin-Lee Moolman/AUGUST

By guest author  Lane Florsheim from the Wall Street Magazine.

In the 27 years since her tennis career began, Serena Williams has not stopped. Between her forays into fashion and investing and building a family, all while continuing to compete, she has little time for hobbies or relaxation.

“I work on Serena Ventures a lot and I play tennis and I have a daughter and I’m on a spiritual schedule,” says the 40-year-old tennis champion. “I was thinking, ‘When was the last time I read a book?’ I absolutely love reading, it’s like my favourite thing to do, and I have not finished a novel in forever because there’s literally no time.”

On Monday, Williams will face off against Danka Kovinic in the opening round of the U.S. Open—a tournament that she has said will be her last, capping one of the greatest stories in professional sports history. But she doesn’t see it as the end of anything.

During an interview at the Lotte New York Palace hotel a few days before the tennis tournament, Williams spoke to WSJ. about what’s next for her, her key to identifying unicorn companies and how these days, she’s on her 5-year-old daughter Olympia’s schedule.

What time do you get up on Mondays, and what’s the first thing you do after waking up?

I’m usually on a schedule, so I wake up when I have to train. If I’m training at 9 a.m., I’ll wake up around 8. But nowadays, since I’ve had my daughter, I wake up whenever she wakes up—around 7. I can never sleep past her because she always wants to get up, she does not want to lie in bed.

I was going to ask how your daughter impacts your morning and routines.

She totally threw a wrench in it, and it’s great.

What do you eat for breakfast to start the week off right? 

I’m actually really bad at this. I don’t like to eat breakfast, I’m not hungry in the morning. We did get a farm, and my husband [Alexis Ohanian] got us some chickens. So we got some chicks and they grew up and now they’re chickens and I had some of their eggs, and it was really good. So, I really started enjoying a couple eggs in the morning, but I don’t really like eating breakfast.

Do you drink coffee or tea?

I’m not a coffee drinker. I’ll drink it if I need to. I never wanted to rely on caffeine. So I have this thing where if I drink it, it’s because either I’m exhausted or I need to go play a match or something, but I don’t want to be relying on anything.

You said you’re hoping to focus on Serena Ventures, where you have a track record of identifying unicorns. (Serena Ventures has funded MasterClass, Impossible Foods, Noom and other companies valued at more than USD 1 billion.) What makes you want to invest in a company?

I like to invest in things where I believe in the founder. For us, it’s really about the founder and do we like the company and does the founder have a good story and why is he doing it. Is it because it’s a white space, or is it really solving a problem that is close to his or her heart?

What are your routines around that work like?

Wake up and go to the office and now that everything went digital, just sit and take calls all day. Usually when Olympia goes to school, I just go to work. I work-work-work and then I usually pick her up from school.

How has it felt to have your retirement out in the world?

It felt good. I was even talking to this former CEO of this massive company and he was like, “Yeah, you know, I retired.” And I’m like, “Well, you didn’t retire, because you’re doing something else.” There are so many people who actually do retire and are finished, so these people deserve their props. But I’m not retiring, I’m just evolving away from tennis and doing something else. I probably should retire, for a few years at least, but for some inane reason I’m not.

What’s one piece of advice you’ve gotten that’s guided you?

I would just say put God first. That’s something I’m still trying to do and do better, and that’s the best piece of advice I can think of. Everything else falls in place.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.


Here begins the story of the Chic Mobile Home:

Designing a Chic Mobile Home for an Exclusive California Trailer Park

By guest author Sarah Medford | Photography by Laure Joliet

In Paradise Cove, California, renting a patch of ground slightly larger than a pickleball court for a few thousand dollars each month gets you a key to one of the best surfing beaches on the West Coast. On that patch of ground, or technically a foot or two above it, on metal struts, you can live in a souped-up trailer, as Sofie Howard has done for the past 15 years.

Howard, 55, is an independent photo producer for clients like Nike, Levi’s and Beats by Dre. She’s also a lifelong surfer and a serial trailer owner. Paradise Cove’s 276 mobile homes are pretty much permanently moored to their spots in this sought-after Malibu Beach community that has become the Côte d’Azur of trailer parks. “I started in a tiny trailer I bought for $190,000—it’s now for sale for a million,” she says. “Dude, and it’s a tiny one-bedroom—it’s so small that when people would come over for dinner, they’d have to sit in the golf cart outside.”

Other than surfing, the sport of choice in Paradise Cove seems to be trading up to a slightly bigger trailer, which can involve listening in on arguments and watching to see who’s pregnant, both of which Howard has done. She’s moved up twice, most recently about 18 months ago: This was after her two sons, 28 and 25, refused to come for overnight visits anymore. Howard and her boyfriend, the stylist René Acuña, and his 17-year-old son were already in close quarters, so they understood, and before long Howard had scored a double-wide once owned, she says, by a well-known actress. “It’s kind of a famous trailer in the park,” Howard adds.

Her new 1000-square-foot home came with two bedrooms and a sort of caboose that makes a third. The actress’s decorating scheme was still in place. “It’s not like [she] did it in a bad way, but it looked very Hidden Hills,” Howard says, equating the white-on-white furnishings and chrome-on-chrome finishes left behind with a certain gated community in the San Fernando Valley popular with reality TV stars.

The only things Howard held on to were the fireplace and the hot tub; the empty shell she turned over to her friend Frances Merrill of Reath Design, a flourishing young decorating firm in Los Angeles. Merrill was also on board for Howard’s last trailer transformation. The two women met working at Commune Design, the creative studio where Merrill was a designer and Howard headed the photo department. Reath Design also did Howard’s bungalow in nearby Venice, where the producer lives when she’s not at the Cove.

“Frances’s taste is impeccable,” Howard says of Merrill. “She gets fashion, which is my love and life—she gets art. She’s just the best. And, every single thing goes down with a smile.”

For the two friends, working together again meant vaulting over the getting-to-know-you stage to pick up with Howard’s ever-evolving taste. Their last trailer had been on the earthy side, with burlap curtains and a dusky ceiling. What Howard had in mind this time was a Big Sur surf shack—a look “more hippie” than Malibu can muster these days, she says, and one with some miles on it. The hot tub would play a role, and so would a new red-cedar ceiling extending the full length of the trailer’s 24-by-56-foot dimensions. As Merrill explains it, the blank box “needed some wood on the ceiling to balance all the color below.”

“Sofie is a happy, colourful person,” Merrill says. “We wanted to keep the interior bright and airy. If we were going to have white walls to achieve that, then it was great to get some color into the furniture.” A custom sofa upholstered in alternating squares of sunset-hued chenille and a beet-red dining table by Ilse Crawford for De La Espada did the trick, underlined by a floor painted juniper green, with lilac cabinetry. “So much of it is balancing,” Merrill adds, with the élan of Diana Vreeland. “The green floor stops the lavender cabinets from being too feminine.”

A few years earlier, Merrill had spotted a light made of swirly orange resin infused with straw on Etsy and bought it, convinced that the shaded pendant “would be perfect, sometime, somewhere.” Its moment had arrived.

For the master bedroom, Merrill tracked down a few rolls of vintage 1970s wallpaper with a sunny, Monterey vibe from the Helsinki-based vendor Tapettitalo. “There was just enough to finish this room,” Howard says. “So many people come into my house and say, ‘Where did you get this?’ And I’m thrilled to say, ‘There ain’t no more!’”

For Merrill, the project was a lesson in going with her instincts—in this case, not to get super precious. “This is a place for her kids and her boyfriend and his kid and their friends to come and be,” she says of Howard’s permanently semipermanent house. “It doesn’t need to be fussed-over. It’s there to be enjoyed.”



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