September 2, 2022, the 50 IFKT(International Federation of Knitting Technologists) congress ceremony closed

The next  congress  will be held in Canada  in 2024.

Some key members of IFKT participants were from Switzerland , Germany, Ireland, Canada and USA.

Alison guilt -President of Ireland and Professor of Knitwear Fashion and design technology in Ulster University of Belfast.

International  Secretary-Prof.Dr Marcus.O. Weber  and Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Mutschler, Julia klausmannand & Prisca Holderied from Hochschule Niederrhein University-Germany.

President of North America-Hitesh Kumar Sharma.

All other members from IFKT also visited Ulster university campus  for judging  the students art work in apparel and fashion technology.

Development and tasks

The International Federation of Knitting and Warp Knitting Professionals was founded in 1956 and from the outset did not see itself as a professional organization for a specific group of persons, but rather, according to Art. 3 of its statutes of 1960, was intended “to unite factory managers, technicians and experts in the warp knitting industry of different nations by means of friendly ties, in order to jointly promote the general interest of the warp knitting industry and to serve its professional development”.

This membership structure, which was intended by the founders, is still valid today, with female members also being present from the beginning. Anyone involved in knitting technology or knitted fabrics can become a member.

The counting of the annual conferences, from 1958 International Congresses, begins in 1956, but because of the many members from the textile machinery industry, International Congresses are no longer held in the years of the International Textile Machinery Exhibitions.