‘Have your say’: European Statistical System


The European Commission is working on a proposal to revise the legal framework for European statistics, aimed at improving responsiveness to new information needs and better meeting user expectations in an increasingly digital society. The proposed regulation would adapt the legal framework to the European data strategy and modernise how statistics are produced.

In this context, the Commission is carrying out a public consultation to gather input from stakeholders. Data producers, institutional users, businesses and other private data holders, other professional users and the general public are invited to participate. The consultation closes on 25 October 2022 (12:00 AM CEST).

The proposal focuses on the potential of new data sources and on making the statistical system more responsive, by adapting it to a digital world, identifying new roles in emerging data ecosystems and updating the tasks of statistical authorities.


How to contribute?
You can contribute to this consultation by participating in our online survey, available in all official EU languages.

Organisations and businesses participating in public consultations are asked to register in the EU’s Transparency Register.

If you are unable to submit your reply online, please contact us.

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