Pretty thin: 4 µm – perfectly stretched

The use of adhesives has been a standard practice in industrial applications for many years now. In more and more cases, double-sided adhesive solutions have come to replace mechanical joints. The benefits of adhesive technology include accuracy, ease of processing, and clean, reliable application.

Notably, double-sided adhesive films are very often used in small devices with limited space, such as, for instance, smartphones, which become thinner and thinner every year. One current model measures merely 7.3 mm. To properly install all components in such a high-tech device, intelligent adhesive solutions are increasingly common.

Very thin adhesive-coated films are laminated onto a carrier material. One of our customers applies adhesive to a 4 µm thin bi-axially stretched film. Previous spreader rollers used for processing this type of film could not entirely avoid wrinkles. By deploying the DRECKSHAGE EcoStretchRoll-ST roller, our customer has been able to get rid of problematic wrinkles altogether. EcoStretchRoll-ST reliably prevents the formation of wrinkles at a layer thickness of 4 microns. And, its great advantage to the user is that it is also suitable for thicker materials. It allows our customer to use the same spreader roller, for instance, for processing 150 µm thin films and thus save the effort for converting to other expander roller solutions.