EU trade in goods with Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia


On June 17, the European Commission presented its opinions on the application for EU membership submitted by Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, and recommended that they be given the perspective to become members of the EU. On June 23, the European Council decided to grant the status of candidate country to Ukraine and Moldova and expressed readiness to do the same for Georgia once the priorities specified in the Commission’s opinion on Georgia’s membership application have been addressed.

In 2021, EU trade in goods with Ukraine amounted to €28.3 billion in exports and €24.1 billion in imports. In EU trade in goods with Moldova (€3.2 billion exports, €1.8 billion imports) and Georgia (EUR 2.0 billion exports, EUR 0.8 billion imports), exports were also larger than imports.

EU imports from Ukraine (+62 %) and Moldova (+128 %) grew strongly between 2011 and 2021, while import growth for Georgia (+ 35 %) also reached double-digit figures.

EU exports to Ukraine (+36 %), Moldova (+76 %) and Georgia (+31 %) all grew between 2011 and 2021, although not as fast as imports.

EU exports to Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia consisted mainly of manufactured goods (chemicals, machinery & vehicles and other manufactured goods), but imports from these three countries present noticeable differences. EU imports from Moldova consisted mostly of manufactured goods, while imports from Georgia were dominated by primary goods (energy, raw materials and food & drink). Imports from Ukraine were evenly divided between manufactured and primary goods.