The McKinsey Week in Charts

Make that application shine

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law directs USDD 470 billion in new spending toward state and local governments. Of that amount, USD 180 billion (approximately 38 %) is dedicated to competitive grants—funds that are provided through a process in which the strength of application will likely be the determining factor for grant allocation.

To read the article, see A new era of US infrastructure grants,” May 20, 2022.


What goes up, slowly comes down

he manufacturing process for semiconductors creates gases that enter the atmosphere and persist there for years—or tens of thousands of years. Semiconductor producers can consider four abatement levers, such as alternative chemistries and gas recycling, that may help to reduce process-gas emissions.

To read the article, see “Sustainability in semiconductor operations: Toward net-zero production,” May 17, 2022.


Eyeing an uptick in risk

Banks across the globe saw a rise in increased credit risk exposures (stage 2 assets) and in expected credit losses as the COVID-19 pandemic wore on. This uptick in stage 2 proportions indicates a perceived drop in borrower resilience, according to a recent report by the European Banking Authority. And as pandemic-related measures such as moratoria on loan repayments expire, asset quality is likely to be affected.

To read the article, see “IFRS 9 models in financial instruments and impairment regulations: The new reality and lessons learned,” May 23, 2022.


A quantum leap for the planet?

Meeting net-zero goals won’t be possible without huge advances in climate technology. That’s where quantum computing could help. Quantum computing could address thorny sustainability problems such as curbing methane produced by agriculture, making the production of cement emissions-free, and improving electric batteries for vehicles. In all, quantum impacts could help put the world back on track to becoming net zero by 2050.

To read the article, see “Quantum computing just might save the planet,” May 19, 2022.