Groz-Beckert: This July our Academy Mobile will host the seminar “Productivity in sock production”

In contrast to the course “Basics of legwear”, we will now go deeper into the details of legwear production. This online seminar will be the first of a series of advanced events of legwear.

In this online seminar we will talk about efficiency in sock production and give an overview of factors that can have a positive or negative effect on productivity.

The seminar is a live event. If you have any questions during the presentation, you can ask them directly via the chat function.

Prior registration is required for participation. Participation is free of charge.

Seminars in English:

Tuesday, 12 July 2022, 08:30 a.m. CET (06:30 a.m. UTC/GMT)

Tuesday, 12 July 2022, 03:30 p.m. CET (01:30 p.m. UTC/GMT)

Seminar in German:

Wednesday, 13 July 2022, 10:00 a.m. CET (08:00 a.m. UTC/GMT)

For the registration please use the following link: Academy Mobile | Knitting July (