Riri Group explores the polysemic dimensions of reality to give uniqueness to its FW 23-24 collection.

The Swiss group presents two creative inspirations to define a new standard of communicating one’s personality: creativity and breadth of vision shape the collection through the variety of colors, materials, and technologies aimed at sustainability.

Riri Group since 85 years is an iconic point of reference for the creation of details of style providing high-end fashion brands with top quality accessories – which include zippers, buttons, metal components, and fashion jewels –, thanks to its attitude for analysing the contemporaneity and the future trends of the market. Fashion is necessarily a reflection of social changes, cultural turmoil, popular aspirations, and the needs of the final customer: from these assumptions comes Riri Group’s FW 23-24 collection. The newly released collection presents two extremely dynamic paths to explore the needs of the market targeting self-expression through style: Extreme Outverse and Fluid Glamour.


Accessories for accessing multidimensionality

A line to go over the linearity of time and space: creativity becomes a compass to orient oneself in a world that unfolds on intrinsic planes, to forget stress and find solutions to complex problems. Art, space travels and the metaverse experience provide the inspiration for transparent and glossy digital prints, laser markings, use of colored paints, use of jacquard ribbon and iridescent lurex, invisible button caps, PVD finishes (rainbow, matt black), reverse coated nylon zips. The constant that unites all dimensions of reality, in this universe and the virtual one, remains the unmissable attention to sustainability, which is reflected in the use of recycled polyester and the use of recycled polyamide chains and button caps, using post-industrial waste to get recycled nylon resin. Extreme Outverse ranges from the functionality of zips and buttons for technical outdoor sportswear to the ethereal elegance of palladium: in between explosions of color, transparencies, and reflections.


Redefine infinitely your (elegance) standard

Linearity can be overcome in different directions, standards can appear as cages, definitions a prison of essence: Fluid Glamour expands the processes of representing the individual in an elegant interpretation of its complexity. This concept of fluidity and uniqueness meets the new frontier of the space tourism race and intergalactic style to create futuristic atmospheres and sculptural silhouettes: rhinestones and black stones developed by Amom, wool yarns, jacquard, and a variety of tapes – metallised genuine leather and eco-leather, GOTS-certified cotton and GRS-certified recycled polyester, knitwear, white with silver lurex – that reflect the space exploration and dark desert landscapes. Among the hard stones emerges black onyx, which since ancient times has been believed to absorb negative energy.

The use of mother-of-pearl in the button pulls and the caps with sputtering logo and transparent lens, the diamond, white and maroon digital printing on the buttons and the innovative origami plaque complete the need for that timeless style that the customer demands. Riri’s patented technologies ensure functionality and characterize the line: Riri’s signature button TRA-IN mixes the classic press button and the trousers hook to have elegance and safety merged in a single snap, F3 buttons overtake the limits of the traditional OMEGA socket thanks to a different production system for better aesthetics and technical features.

The Riri Group, leader in metal accessories manufacturing, stands out in terms of product range and unique offer, thanks to its five distinctive brands: Riri, a reference point for metal and plastic zippers; Cobrax, well-known producer of press buttons, jeans buttons and rivets; Cobrax Metal Hub and DMC, specialised in the design, development and production of metal components for leathergoods; Amom, a company focused on the accessories sector for footwear and clothing and on fashion jewels.

The high quality of its productions, season after season, supported by constant innovation, by an unmistakable personalisation of details and by the continuous search for excellence, makes the Riri Group a preferred choice for many influential brands in the fashion, luxury accessory, outdoor and denim industry. A multi-brand strategy and its dedicated production plants in Mendrisio, Padua, Tirano (Sondrio), Poggio a Caiano (Prato), Scarperia and San Piero a Sieve (Florence), Badia al Pino (Arezzo) and Palazzolo (Brescia) guarantee sufficient production to meet the multi-faceted style requirements of all customers.

In 2018 Riri became a financial partner of the French private equity firm Chequers Capital.