AMSilk announces plan to scale up bio-silk production




AMSilk, a leader in the production of innovative high-performance bio-based silk materials, based in Munich Germany, has announced plans to increase the production of high-performance bio-based silk materials by several thousand tonnes per year and to expand its manufacturing network outside of Europe.

According to the company, its scalable biotechnological infrastructure and patent portfolio allow it to generate huge quantities of premium bio-fabricated silk materials of consistent quality.

The announcement of its aspirations to increase production capacity by several thousand tonnes per year and expand its manufacturing network outside of Europe coincides with the resignation of co-founder and CTO Dr. Lin Römer from the management team and board.

Dr. Wolfgang Colberg, chair of the advisory board for AMSilk, said that as AMSilk enters a new phase of expansion, they’re speeding their preparations for the industrial scale-up of manufacturing of their unique high-performance biotech materials. Lin’s remarkable effort over many years has been recognized by the board and him. His contributions to AMSilk, which he co-founded and helped develop from the beginning, cannot be emphasized. AMSilk is now a thriving firm poised to continue its rapid expansion. AMSilk will miss his leadership and strategic abilities, as well as his tremendous experience and knowledge.

Römer adds that he is happy with what they have accomplished since the company’s inception. AMSilk is now well-positioned to pursue commercial manufacturing of its highly sought-after silk products.

Klaus Kjeldal was named chief production officer and managing director in May to oversee the expansion of AMSilk’s protein production alongside current CMOs.