Chargeurs introduces traceable knit interlinings for clothing

Chargeurs PCC, a New York-based interlinings manufacturer, is launching a collection of inner components produced from sustainable, traceable, blockchain-backed Nativa™ wool.

Interlinings, garment padding/insulation, shoulder pads, felts, and chest canvas for suiting are among the new collection, which combines long-lasting performance with washable, moisture-resistant comfort and softness.

It is produced from certified, natural Merino wool fibers that can be traced all the way from the farms where the sheep are raised and shorn to the factories where the fibers are spun to the finished garment. The mark ensures that goods have been manufactured with environmental and animal welfare in mind, and companies using the components may convey their sustainable credentials to customers by using the Nativa narrative of certified traceability.

Gianluca Tanzi, CEO of Chargeurs Textile, said that sustainability has become a major issue for the worldwide fashion industry, and they are happy to unveil this first-of-its-kind range of green interlining solutions manufactured with Nativa wool. With the help of this collection, brands can demonstrate their dedication to social responsibility, sustainability, and transparency.

Chargeurs Premium Materials, a leader in luxury combed wool and Chargeurs PCC’s sibling firm, developed the Nativa branded fiber idea. The farms that source the wool adhere to the Textile Exchange’s Responsible Wool voluntary standard, which concerns the wellbeing of the sheep as well as the area on which they graze. Suppliers must also follow the Nativa protocol, which addresses animal care, land management, corporate social responsibility, and blockchain-based traceability. Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood, Madewell, Napapijri, Reformation, and others are among the current brand partners.