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Is food cheaper in your country than in other Member States? What about alcoholic drinks and tobacco, clothing and footwear, furniture, housing costs, transport, communications or restaurants and hotels?

With our updated data visualisation you can easily compare data on consumer price levels in the European Union in 2021.

Just select a product or service to see the country with the highest and the lowest price levels or select a country to see where it ranks among the other countries.

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* This is a non-EU countryPrice level indices (in brackets) provide a comparison of countries’ price levels with respect to the European Union average. If the price level index of a country is higher than 100 (EU average), the country concerned is relatively expensive compared to the EU average while if the price level index is lower than 100, then the country is relatively cheap compared to the EU average.Source: Eurostat, Purchasing power parities statistics.

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