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New eHague Feature – Download Documents Directly from your Workbench
We have just launched a new eHague feature, enabling you to view and download selected documents related to applications and self-services such as management of representatives, quickly, easily and securely.

You can download many documents, including acknowledgements of receipt for your applications and self-service requests, observations, irregularity notifications, and certificates of registration from your workbench at any time.


New eHague Feature – Download Documents Directly from your Workbench

Tip! If you have many transactions in your workbench, you can easily filter them by request type, processing status, date of submission or reference number. And you can search by registration number. The workbench makes it easy to find the exact documents you are looking for!


How to access the document


  1. Go to eHague, log in using your WIPO Account and select ‘My Workbench’.
  2. Click on the “IB Reference” link in the far-left column to open a transaction. The transaction will include a list of all related documents. (Note: If none are listed, then none are available for that transaction yet.)
  3. Click on a document in the ‘File Name’ column to download.
  4. Filter your documents using the additional options provided in the table header.

Tip! You can choose to display all documents related to either “Applications” or “Changes” using the buttons directly under “My Workbench”.

Remember! Your documents are always in your workbench; they do not expire.

Coming later this year

  • Later this year we will add even more self-service functions to eHague, including management of holder contact details.
  • And, to provide you with additional security, we will be introducing multi-factor authentication across all eHague self-services (file, renew, manage representative and holder information).
  • You will also be able to receive notifications regarding your Hague System applications and registrations directly through your IP Portal

Our goal? To give you real-time, secure and direct digital access to your complete international design portfolio.

eHague – centralized access to our Hague System online services for filing international design applications and renewing registrations.

WIPO Hague System – The International Design System

WIPO’s Hague System provides a unique international mechanism for securing and managing design rights simultaneously in more than 90 countries through one application, in one language with one set of fees.