Meeting the needs of woven biomedical textiles

Electronic warp let-off system for woven grafts

CREALET is known as a design and manufacturing partner for customer-specific electronically controlled warp let-off systems. One area where warp tension control is increasingly being used is in biomedical textile manufacturers. Weaving biomedical textiles with this technology guarantees a constant high-quality fabric structure.

This is necessary to meet the diverse needs of woven biomedical textiles. Equally important is the achievable reproducible product quality. CREALET delivers the warp let-off systems fully assembled and ready for operation according to customer requirements.

Woven grafts such as tubes, bifurcated tubes, flared tubes and tapered tubes are woven on shuttle looms with electronic warp take-off systems.

Through partnerships with weaving machine manufacturers in this area, CREALET can also offer shuttle weaving machines if required.


The perfect succession

The new generation takes the lead


The sons of the two Crealet founders take over the management duties. Andreas Wirz is the new Crealet CEO and Mario Kuster is Head of R&D. The official handover was on May 9th, 2022. We wish Andreas and Mario a lot of success, satisfaction and happiness in their new positions.

Handing over to the next generation

Leo and Walter handing over to Mario and Andreas.



Your perfect team for a bright future!

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