Officina39’s Trustainable™ collection FW 23: key innovation highlights

The Trustainable™ collection FW 23 presents SMART O3 and Aqualess Fade

For Officina39, “Trustainable” is a term that expresses the company’s approach based on honesty, transparency and social responsibility: this attitude once again characterizes the technologies that have given shape to the Trustainable™ collection FW 23.

Ozone Booster SMART O3

The latest technological addition to the line is represented by the new Ozone Booster SMART O3, which assures more final bluish indigo shades than the other boosters on the market, activating the reaction of Ozone on indigo without any strong oxidizing agent. Better results, less aggressive bleaching.

Aqualess Fade

The new collection also marks the debut of Aqualess Fade, a technology that recreates the bleaching effect of chlorine on fabrics, a waterless special compound for the discoloration of denim on indigo/black garments which reduces resource consumption and environmental impact.

This newest innovation completes and integrates Aqualess Mission, a combination of technologies that allows garment laundry processes to reduce 75% of the water use. Until now, the process included three eco-friendly technologies: Novascraper Indigo, a laser finishing technique that adds a natural, vintage look to denim garments; OZ-ONE Powder, an advanced product to give garments a bleached yet eco-friendly treatment, for a worn and distressed look; and Aqualess Aged, a waterless compound to give denim abrasion effects. Specifically, this last revolutionizing product has recently marked an important achievement which adds to the company’s sustainable credentials: Officina39 in fact stands out as the first and only player to receive, for its Aqualess Aged, the DeniSafe® certification of enzyme product(s) by Novozymes for safe production and safe use through dry application.

About Officina39

Fashion and Sustainable Chemicals for textile, garments and denim industry.

Officina39’s real heritage is made up of a thirty-year experience dedicated to research and chemical application in textile. Inspired by Italian artisanal tradition and creativity, our Team combines passion, innovation, sustainable practices, clean information, transparency and social responsibility. A state-of-the-art application laboratory makes us the ideal partner in sustainable trends for apparel industry. We produce and sell selected ranges of chemical specialties, dyestuffs and pigments.