Podcast: The Global IP Mask




Carlos Northon

Founder & CEO at Northon’s Media PR & Marketing Ltd – UK


Mr Divyendu Verma

Head of the Patent Department, Audiri Vox, Dubai

In this episode, Carlos speaks with Mr Divyendu Verma, the head of the Patent department from Audiri Vox in Dubai. We look back at Divyendu’s career and the latest article published in The Global IP Matrix magazine issue 13, which is available to download to read and listen to now at http://www.gipmatrix.com.

Divyendu has vast experience in IP strategic advisory, patent drafting, prosecution and litigation. He has successfully handled and managed large IP projects for multiple national and international clients involving framing IP strategy and IP implementation framework and assisting clients to build their IP portfolios. In the High Tech industry, he has handled various issues, including protecting software patents. His expertise includes advising on issues related to SEPs, technology standards and indemnification for Patent/IP-Infringement.

He has rich experience in technology deployment involving the implementation of telecom, IT infrastructure, and software development. He regularly appears before various Patent Offices and Courts in Patent prosecution and enforcement matters.

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