WIPO: IP Finance in Japan: Challenges and Potentials


WIPO embarked upon its initiative to lead dialogue surrounding IP finance in 2021. Japan was one of the first countries to conduct research on its current frameworks and practices of IP finance.

This online event will offer findings of Japan’s engagements in the area, displaying a recent successful case of large- scale value securitization leveraging IP and providing comparative notes on international IP financing.

Join us to enhance your knowledge on IP-backed finance and to gain insight into the latest trends in Japan and the world!!

Best regards,
The IP for Business team at WIPO and the WIPO Japan Office

  • Date: Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Time: 9:00 – 10.45 (CET)

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• 9:00- (CST) Opening remarks – SAWAI Tomoki, Director, WIPO Japan Office

• 9:05- (CST) WIPO’s Roadmap on IP finance – Allison MAGES, Head, WIPO IP Commercialization Section

• 9:15- (CST) Briefing on Japan report – KOIZUKA Naoto, Chief Researcher, Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Co., Ltd.

• 9:55- (CST) Observation on international IP finance frameworks (US and China)- Martin BRASSELL, Chief Executive, Inngot

• 10:05- (CST) Observation on international IP finance frameworks (European examples) – Alfred RADAUER, Head, Institute of Business Administration and Management, IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems

• 10:15- (CST) Comparison with other country reports – Guy PESSACH, Director, WIPO IP for Business Division (IPBD)

• 10:30- (CST) Value Securitisation case study – SUGAHARA Junichi, Director and Executive Officer, Spiber Inc.

*Please note that the above program may be changed without notice.

◆開催日時:2022年6月15日(水) 16:00(日本時間)


• 16:00- (日本時間) 開会挨拶(澤井 智毅/WIPO日本事務所 所長)

• 16:05- (日本時間) WIPOの知財金融に関する取り組み(Allison MAGES/WIPO知的財産商業化部門 部門長)

• 16:15- (日本時間) 日本報告書概要紹介(肥塚 直人/三菱UFJリサーチ&コンサルティング株式会社 知的財産コンサルティング室 主任研究員)

• 16:55- (日本時間) 国際考察(米国、中国)(Martin BRASSELL/Inngot Chief Executive)

• 17:05- (日本時間) 国際考察(欧州の事例)(Alfred RADAUER/クレムス応用科学大学 Institute of Business Administration and Management Head)

• 17:15- (日本時間) WIPOによる調査比較(Guy PESSACH/WIPO知的財産ビジネス部門 ディレクター)

• 17:30- (日本時間) 事業価値証券化取引事例(菅原 潤一/Spiber株式会社 取締役兼執行役)



15.Juni 2022 04:00 PM in Osaka, Sapporo, Tokio