Worth Reading: The Business of Fashion Sustainability INDEX 2022


On May 31, 2022, we release The BoF Sustainability Index 2022 by BoF Insights, tracking the industry’s progress towards ambitious goals in six key impact categories. This year, the report has doubled in scope to assess the performance of 30 of fashion’s biggest publicly-traded companies in the luxury, sportswear and high street sectors. Here are the key findings:

  • Slow Progress: The average overall score across 30 companies was just 28 out of 100. The highest performer overall was Puma with 49 points out of 100. Burberry was the only new addition to make it into the top 10 performers with an overall score of 41.
  • Dragging Down Performance: The addition of 15 new companies to the Index dragged down the average score across all categories, bar Emissions. While the average score of the original cohort increased from 31 points to 36 points year-on-year, the average score for the new additions was just 20 points.
  • Most Improved: Fast Retailing was the fastest mover, progressing by 11 points to reach an overall score of 30 in the 2022 Index. Puma and Hermès improved their performance by 9 points each, achieving scores of 49 and 32, respectively.
  • No Time for Laggards: Some of the industry’s biggest players — including Anta Sports, Fila Holdings, HLA Group, Urban Outfitters Inc. and Skechers — provided little to no public detail about plans to tackle their environmental and social impact, all scoring less than 10 points.

Download The BoF Sustainability Index 2022 for in-depth analysis of companies’ performances, key challenges facing the industry and the outlook for the year ahead.

Imran Amed, Founder and CEO