Worth Reading: Digital payments are expanding rapidly. So is fraud. Discover how in Verifi’s 2022 2 Fraud and Payments Report

Fifty-three percent of merchants believe transaction confusion is a driving cause of first-party misuse (friendly fraud).

Fraud in the global marketplace is changing. The cost of fraud on merchants’ bottom lines is increasing for the second year in a row. Verifi’s 2022 Global Fraud & Payments Report is a free educational report that conveys transparent and unbiased research.

The report outlines the latest industry fraud data and management methods used by merchants.

  • The scale and type of fraud seen in the global marketplace
  • A deep dive into merchant perspectives around first-party misuse
  • Merchant perceptions around chargebacks and disputes
  • A robust set of performance benchmarks that merchants can use to help optimize their fraud management and prevention practices

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