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The State of U.S. Retailing Online 2018

The annual “The State of Retailing Online” study conducted by NRF and Forrester examines the impact of ecommerce and provides key metrics for benchmarking. The survey examines retailer attitudes and investment levels for critical digital commerce issues. This year’s results demonstrate that the line between the digital and physical worlds is blurring as the retail landscape continues to evolve, with many retailers focusing on digital store initiatives in 2018.

Key findings from this year’s report include:

  • Net-net, stores are growing: More surveyed retailers say they will be opening stores in 2018 versus closing them. This outlook contrasts with claims that the physical retail world is being displaced by ecommerce and is therefore doomed.
  • Omnichannel remains a key store investment area: Efforts like in-store pickup and endless-aisle investments have been a recurring theme for digital retailers for years, and continue in 2018 as retailers recognize these initiatives are often multiyear endeavours.
  • Digital retail continues to be the bright spot it has been for years: Retailers continue to experience success in their ecommerce businesses, which have been buoyed by strong mobile commerce performance and improvements in key metrics like conversion rates.

SORO 2018 is a free download for NRF members and is available for non-members to purchase from Forrester Research.